The One

Katie hates her life. Since her mum died when she was17 (1 year ago) her dad is a total jerk to her. Will Katie make it through living alone with her dad? Or will someone change her whole life?


3. Harry

We had just gotten to his house when i realized i didnt know his name. " oh by the way im Katie" i say. "Harry" he says smiling, his eyes sparkling. I gasp. "What?!?!" He asked fear showing on his face. Brown curly hair green eyes his name is Harry! "Your Harry Styles!" I say my eyes wide. Claire had posters of him all over her room. "Yes" he says laughing and nodding. He guided me inside his HUGE house, up the stairs, and into a large empty bedroom. He leads me to the bed where i sit. " what happened to you?" Harry asks gesturing to my abused body. " dad.....he abused me" i say tears filling my eyes. "I could never go out after school or tell anyone...because he would kill me" i couldnt hold the tears any longer. They spill out of my eyes and onto my beat up face. "Oh....My.......God" Harry says a look of horror on his face. I nod. "So he did THIS to you?" Harry says. Something in his voice made me look up on him. He looked horrified but also angry. "Well we need to fix you up" he says letting out a breath. I nod. "Come on" Harry says walking out of the room. I stand to follow but immediately fall to the ground. "Oww" i shriek clutching my ankle. It had swollen up and there was dried blood all over my legs and hands. I must have had blood in my hair and on my face too. "Katie are you okay?" Harry says rushing back. "Ummm no" i say i point to my ankle. Harry sucks in a breath. It must have looked worse then i thought. "Ummm lemme get some ice" Harry suggested."sure" i say as i hobble over to the bathroom. I get some towels, take a deep breath and look in the mirror. I gasp. I looked terrible. I had a black eyes and several cut with blood covering my whole face. My cheek was swollen and red. My normally blonde hair was matted with blood. I put water on the towels and rubbed a the blood from my face away. Slightly better. Then i put some neosporin on my cuts and went to find Harry. I had to hop so that i wouldnt hurt my ankle. "Harry!?!?" I whisper loudly. I turn into a room at random. "AHHH" someone screamed!
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