The One

Katie hates her life. Since her mum died when she was17 (1 year ago) her dad is a total jerk to her. Will Katie make it through living alone with her dad? Or will someone change her whole life?


2. A Savior

I wake up and quickly groan. My whole body aches. Im still lying on the hard green ground of the park. My ankle had swelled up and hurt so bad i thought u would black out again. I stood up and started hopping towards the streets. I didnt know where i was but at least it was away from John. I was crossing the street, too exhausted to see where i was going. Then the bright headlights of a car light up my body. I was going to die, i knew it. I froze accepting death but also to scared to move. Then swiftly someone pushes me out of the way. We both land on the ground. "What were you thinking?" He asked me turning to look at me "you could have died" i looked into his green eyes and suddenly my eyes filled with tears. "I-i-i..." I stutter then cant hold back the tears any longer. I start crying right there on the ground right next to the handsome stranger. "Shhh" he says grabbing my arm and pulling me to my feet. "I-im sorry" i mutter looking down at my bloody dirty feet. "YOUR sorry?" He exclaims. I look him in his sparkling green eyes. "Do you have anywhere to go?" He asked gently. "Umm" i say thinking of John and flinching. "Ill take that as a no" he says trying to lighten the mood. Then as though just realizing how i look he gasps. "What happened to you" he asked concerned. "I.." I start but he cuts my off. "Lets just get u dry and in fresh clothes before i ask questions, would you like to come back to my apartment?" He asks. Then Adds "my moms house, im staying with her while in England." "Sure" i say "oh and thanks, for everything" his eyes sparkle.
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