When It Rain's

"James stop please im begging you please " i cried as he slaped me again "what did i tell you bitch don't call me james i am your dad, well was your dad i can't wait till they come get you !" he screamed back in my face. My name is Raina ale Grands im 15 years old and sick and tired of the every day beatings i get from my 'dad ' , or thats what im soposed to call him. his name is James Roy he is my adoption father he adopted me when i was 10 , about 5 years ago and from that day on i have just been a burden . That was intel my life changed yes i did atempt to kill myself but some one saved me . His name is Louis Tomlinson and he is now my brother he adopted me saveing me from my ex-dad and he's helped me alot but what happens when my deepest secrets are relieased ." To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we not must drift or lie at anchor "
I am STRONG ! you CAN'T break me !


16. wait what !!!

Harry's POV

"Mum why did you never tell me..." i asked as i listened to my mum cry into the phone "Harry you were 3 when she was born and 4 when she got kidnaped, i-i thought i would never see her again , i dint want to hurt you " she cried "well guess what mum you did and now its hurt more then one person " i cried while hanging up . "Raina please come down here " i yelled up the stairs. my thoughts where replaced by raina and niall coming down stairs holding hands . "what is this ?? " i yelled while pointing at there hands "calm down man i cant hold my girlfriends hand ?" niall said " woah wait girlfriend ? " i spit back "yeah shes my girl friend shes 16 now im 18 whats wrong with you ?" niall asked . Just then i felt all the anger build up in the bottom of my stomach . " U bastard !" i yelled while chargeing at niall , i was almost to him when raina jumped infront of him "harry what the bloody hell is wrong with you ?" raina asked me . "Do you wanna know whats wrong with me ?? do you what is bloody wrong with me is that you are my blood sister and were kidnaped when you were 1 and i am just meeting you and find out you are dateing my best lad like what is wrong with that just dont talk to me " i yelled while grabeing my keys and running out side .

Raina's POV

"Louis what do you mean im harrys blood sister ?" i cried into his shirt "babe we took a D.N.A test while u were sleeping its true " he said while rubbing small circals on my back "why didnt i know before ? " i asked " i dont know babe but you do now. Try and call niall see if he found harry ok ? " "alright " i said while dialing nialls number and puting it on speaker. "Hello ? Niall is that u ? hello? " i screamed into the phone . All i could here was a loud bang and someone cussing then a door open. At this point i was in tears i heard sirens and someone sniffiling then someone picked up the phone "Niall please is this you ?" i cried louder then before "yes babe now listen harry has gotten into a car wreck, you need to come down to the hospital bring all the boys i will meet you there ok ? " he was crying and trying to catch his breath. "W-what ? " i screamed i droped the phone out of my hand and let it hit the hard wood floor and i broke down! "No not him not now why !!" i screamed while droping to my knees, i could feel my eyeliner and mascurea start to run down my face , my eyes where becomeing puffy and i began to shake . I crawled to the corner of my room and tucked my head between my legs and cried "why him ..... Please dont take him " i screamed while getting up. I was now mad , why did god want to take him i started pacing intel i could'nt take it anymore i walked over to my dry wall and punched my fist into it i made a big hole i couldnt take it . All this pain i walked over to my bathroom and took out a pair of sisors and began cutting i had to use my left hand cause my right hand was shakeing so bad from the pain i caused it while punching the wall . i droped the sisors and walked out to my bed where i began to cry louder . "Why .........why him " i mumbled over and over again, i was so zoned out i didnt even notice louis walking into my room ....

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