When It Rain's

"James stop please im begging you please " i cried as he slaped me again "what did i tell you bitch don't call me james i am your dad, well was your dad i can't wait till they come get you !" he screamed back in my face. My name is Raina ale Grands im 15 years old and sick and tired of the every day beatings i get from my 'dad ' , or thats what im soposed to call him. his name is James Roy he is my adoption father he adopted me when i was 10 , about 5 years ago and from that day on i have just been a burden . That was intel my life changed yes i did atempt to kill myself but some one saved me . His name is Louis Tomlinson and he is now my brother he adopted me saveing me from my ex-dad and he's helped me alot but what happens when my deepest secrets are relieased ." To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we not must drift or lie at anchor "
I am STRONG ! you CAN'T break me !


22. Timmy who??

Raina's POV

"Babe wake up someone is here to see you" i heard niall say as he placed his soft lips on my forehead. "Who?" i asked while rubbing my eyes " um its a man and he said his name tim and he brought...." he was cut off by a man pushing a crying little boy through the door. The boy had cuts all over him he was holding his wrist as if it was going to fall off if he let go, there was a big purple bruise on his face and burn marks on his arms and legs. I got up from my bed and looked at the poor boy, i knew exactly who he and the man was but i was'nt ready to say anything to the boys. "Honey are you hungry?" i asked he nodded his head slowly "Niall will get you some food and some new clothes and then we will help your arm ok ?"  he nodded again and walked off with niall. Last night we found out that the hotel room thing was now going to be our beach house, so we had everything unpacked and homey. I locked the door behind niall and locked it, i turned and looked at the man "Tim as in Tim who raped me ?" i yelled in a whisper He nodded and grined eviley at me. His face was all dirty and his eyes watered down and red he was shakey and looked high "How's my little slut" he asked while incheing closer and closer to me. "First of all im not your little slut and why would you do that to aden he's our son!" i asked while getting in his face, he looked at me shocked then he pushed me agenst the wall and started taking my shirt off. I slaped his hands away from me and kicked him in the shin, he fell but soon got up and slaped me acrossed the face i screamed and fell to the ground he pulled something out of his pocket and kicked me a few times the pulled my head up by my hair he pulled me up and whispered your dead now inless your little friends have money" he raised a hunting knife to my neck and made me walk out of the room with him we slowly walked into the kitchen, i was still silently in pain but i would not let it show. We just turned the corner thats when i saw it all the boys and aden but louis. We walked in and i tried to stay calm as he pressed the blade down further into my neck i winced as i felt the small trickle of sticky blood flow down my neck. Tim cleared his neck and everybody in the kitchen turned there heads toward me and tim, as soon as aden saw me with the blade the little 4 year olds happy face turned into fright and pain, he looked at all the boys before tim and yelling "Mummy, please dont hurt her!" then he tried to run to me he was about 2 feet from me when harry grabed his waist to stop him and covered his now covered in tears face. "Listen to me carefully i want money 1000 dollars now or she dies" tim said while tightening his grip around my neck "OK well imm going to get the money come on buddy your coming with me " niall said while grabing ahold of aden then they rushed off. With in seconds i heard a loud cry and a bang and i was down bleeding on the ground...

Aden's POV

"Come on you little brat its that house, thats where your stupid ass mum is " my dad or what i called him meany tim said he shoved me into the door causeing me to fall down on my wrist, it hurt really bad but i could'nt wait to see my mummy again and see her pretty smile. I knocked on the door and saw a boy with blonde hair he let me and tim in and then went to get my mummy but thats when everything went wrong tim pushed into a room and then i got tooken out of the room with the blonde haired boy. He told me his name was niall and he gave me a pair of boxer shorts they were really big so he tied a shoe lace around my hips then we put my clothes in the washer. He gave me some food and introduced me to everybody else harry and niall were my favorite they were so nice and fun to be around. i was about to ask for some water when my mum and tim came into the kitchen thats when i noticed she was only in her bra and her white spankey shorts had blood on them i looked up to see something silver being pressed into my mummys neck and i relised thats it was the knife he used to cut me with. Thats when i yelled "Mummy, please dont hurt her!" and i ran to her crying but i was held back by harry then draged out of the room by niall when i heard a loud bang and a small whimper then a thud, i whiped around to see both my dad and mummy laying on the floor and a man holding a gun with smoke coming out of the end. I ran over to my mummy and layed on her stomach crying "Please mummy, don't leave me i need you please !" i was pulled off of her buy zayn, and liam checked her to see if she was alive. While i was left there crying into zayns shirt.

  Raina's POV

"Please mummy, don't leave me i need you please !" i heard aden scream as he layed on my chest crying i layed there in shock and in pain, zayn pulled him off of me and liam checked my pulse soon after that i opened my eyes and began silently crying. I sat up and saw louis with a gun in his hands i looked at tim who was laying on the floor bleeding. i got up and ran to louis crying into his arms "Louis you saved me !" i yelled in between sobs. I was greated by a little boy running into my arms, i picked him up and spun him in a circal. "Mummy dad hurt me look he said while pointing to his back i looked and began to cry. I m sorry babe he wont hurt you anymore i promise, do you want to meet your uncals ?" i asked he nodded i stood up and walked him over to louis :this is mummys brother louis, this is uncal harry, and uncal liam, and uncal zayn" i said while smileing he laughed and nodded " if there family who is niall?" "Niall is mummys boyfriend" i said while smiling he nodded before whispering in my ear "good niall is better then dad ! stay with him " and with that he ran back to the kitchen and i called the police...


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