When It Rain's

"James stop please im begging you please " i cried as he slaped me again "what did i tell you bitch don't call me james i am your dad, well was your dad i can't wait till they come get you !" he screamed back in my face. My name is Raina ale Grands im 15 years old and sick and tired of the every day beatings i get from my 'dad ' , or thats what im soposed to call him. his name is James Roy he is my adoption father he adopted me when i was 10 , about 5 years ago and from that day on i have just been a burden . That was intel my life changed yes i did atempt to kill myself but some one saved me . His name is Louis Tomlinson and he is now my brother he adopted me saveing me from my ex-dad and he's helped me alot but what happens when my deepest secrets are relieased ." To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we not must drift or lie at anchor "
I am STRONG ! you CAN'T break me !


4. shoping and football ?

Rain's POV

i woke up to silence well thats weird i got up and walked down stairs i saw a note on the counter that said 'hey rain me and liam went to the store to get you some stuff harry is in your room with zayn finishing it up and niall is probably talking to managment for todays fotball match to raise money i hope you like your room we already went shoping and we got you a phone just ask harry love you always your big brother louis ' i smiled and ran upstairs where i found my name on a wooden door i opened it to see the pefectest room ever it was teal and black it was all i could imagin there was my own bathroom and walk in closet harry was folding clothes and putting them in drawers. i ran to the closet and found it piled with clothes hank you thank you thank you i screamed while jumping up and down i found a pair of cleats and a jersey with my last name and a number 3 on it i put it on and ran out side i took my phone harry gave me and found a soccer ball i set up a net and began to mess around with it i was running up and down my big back yard while singing and danceing to the playlist on my phone i did this for about 3 hours till louis came out and tried to steal the ball. we played a little 1on1 and i won we decided to go get ready for lou's game and i changed into my jeans and a shirt that said im with the boy band on the front then on the back it said Tomlinson #2 i thought it was cute i went down stairs and started messing on my phone i found an app called twitter and opened it up i saw that i had over 2000 followers and the boys were part of them i laughed at my username knowing louis and harry set it up . It was Little_Tommo_#2 i tweeted 'thanks bro's for the twitter account love the user ~rai ' i heard louis running down stairs and the rest of the boys. I have to say i love them already we got in the car and talked for about an hour before we got there me and the boys went to our seats and waited for the game to start. There was ten mineuts remaining when one of louis players had to go he said that his wife was in labor or something and that he had to leave louis team was ahead by 4 and they needed 1 more point to win . louis started talkinhg to the coach then looked at me and waved for me to go to him "rai can you please please pretty please play for the last point please "he asked i thought about it for a minuet before nodding my head yes louis gave me a extra jerasy and showed me where the locker room was i got changed and put my cleats on then i ran out to the feild the umpire threw the ball in and louis got it i ran to the other end of the field and was open louis kicked it to me and i was about to score when a big guy about the age of 16 or so took the ball i quickly got it back and kicked it into the goal just before he came back and pushed me to the grass . I fell and coud'nt get up i felt a horrible pain in the back of my head and i started to cry. That guy did not have any reason to push me i already kicked the ball why did he push me ? i felt everything go in slow motion before my vision got blured i heard everybody ohh and ahh i looked over to see louis pushing the guy and i saw all the boys jump over the fence and running over to eather me or louis i was now crying even harder i was so scared i gribed the back of my head and had my other hand on my neckless i saw liam and paul run over to me they were asking me questions like are you ok and  what hurts i manged to get out a few words over my crying i said " li li m-my head h-hurts please make it stop " by now there was a bunch of guys includeing niall harry and zayn trying to pull louis off of the guy the last thing i remeber hearing was louis yelling "you bastered why did you lay your hands on my baby sister im gonna kill you " then i closed my eyes and felt my breathes geting shorter i heard liam yelling for louis to stop and get a medic over to me and he was now trying to get me to open my eyes again he was holding my hand i squeezed it and said "liam i love you all "then let go i saw a bright light and saw my mumwith a man and a baby i saw myself as a little4ear old i had bright green eyes and dark chess nut colored hair " i heard the crys of liam and louis in the background telling me not to leave them. But i had to it was my time so i left i went into the light only to be greeted by someone yelling at me to go back i was so scared i went back and just dreamed into my thoughts.The i heard sirens and louis crying over me telling me he loved me and thats the last thing before i completely blacked out .

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