Daniel the wolf against vampires


1. (The Short Story Assignment)

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the shadows, I had only two things on my mind- fresh meat and a safe place to sleep. I turned away from the sunlight and backed into the safety of the shadows. It was cold in the shadows- permanent frost had settled on the ground, and in my short, black hair.

The only animals that roamed these woods were rabbits and the occasional deer or carnivore. Earlier today, when the sun was just rising, I had set half a dozen snares in various places in the woods. All were designed to catch rabbits- or anything smaller or around that size. The first trap had a rabbit in it, the second had nothing. Actually none of the others had anything worth eating, but they had all been sprung. “Dan you can’t got wolf all the time.” A voice said from the darker parts of the shadows. I didn’t jump, for I knew he was watching me- I knew he was the One who had made me who I was. “Sam,”I nodded respectfully. Sam stepped out from the shadows. His hair was short and black. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. Despite the cold he wasn’t shivering. Neither was I, I hadn’t noticed until just now. Probably wolf ability.“Change” Sam ordered, doing his Alpha act thing.

I sighed as I felt the heat, inside my body, spreading to my fingertips and toes. Then I exploded into wolf, accidently shredding my clothes. The only clothes I owned. “Good” Sam said approvingly. I felt him morph as well, then a minute later we were sprinting through the trees. I caught the scent of an animal- no- creature that smelled like sickly, sweet acid. Vampires. I turned ready to follow the trail, but Sam shook his head. –No-he thoughtspoke. -Pack first- Ugh.

We raced into the wolf clearing. It’s called the wolf clearing for a reason. It’s the place where we werewolves supposedly appeared from. It’s a sacred place. The traditional meeting place. The home of the wolves, the one place we can be ourselves. –Dan stop it, you getting sentimental- Sam warned, reading my emotions. –Danny! Dan!-chorused several voices in unison. I was immediately surrounded by a hoard of wolves- barking and howling around me, wagging their’ tails. Licking my muzzle. Sure I was overjoyed to see them, but I was overwhelmed by the attention I was receiving. Half of the wolves I didn’t recognize, but they were still happy to finally meet the lieutenant of the wolf pack. –Lucas, Tobias, Josh, Trent, Harry and Felix- thought Sam, indicating to each wolf in turn. I counted the wolves in the clearing – there were about twenty wolves, excluding myself.

After the reunion was over, Sam mentioned the scent of vampires on our land. When the pack heard this news, the wagging tails and gentle faces turned into bristling fur and bared teeth. The pack is one. We are a united force. We are powerful. – Let’s go then!- yelled Lucas, at exactly the same moment Tobias growled –What are we waiting for?- The whole pack started yelling and arguing at once. –SILENCE! Silence!-ordered Sam, above the hubbub. Then he continued into silence. –Dan, Tobias ,Charles, Lucas and me are going to fight the vampires- There was a lot of groaning from the wolves that weren’t selected. Then we were off, back where we had come-this time hunting for vampires.

Sickly, sweet stench filled my nose- I couldn’t breathe. It was painful- but not painful enough to make me lose my head. –It’s here- I thought-spoke. I turned following the trail, feeling the other wolves fall into pace behind me. I stopped suddenly. –It’s gone. The trail ends here- I said. –Let me see- ordered Sam. He shoved me aside and sniffed the ground. He walked forward a few paces, then announced –It starts again over here-

Eventually, we arrived in a field. I then realized I hated open spaces, that I’m agoraphobic. In the field, directly in front of us was a group of vampires, assembled in a perfectly, straight line. There wasn’t just one vampire. Nor just two. There were six of them, and we were badly outnumbered. –Harry, come and help us. We need you- Sam yelled.

A vampire in the very centre of the line laughed. T’was an evil sound that made my heart freeze. It was mocking, and it knew we were going to lose. The one who had laughed was their leader. Their Alpha. We huddled close together, in a mass of fur and muscle. Sam snarled, ears flat against his skull. The rest of us mimicked him. Survival instinct 101, appear to be ferocious and animalistic. Come on, Harry where are you? Sam took a menacing step forward. The figure that was standing about a hundred yards away, disappeared for a moment. Then he was in front of Sam. Then Sam was hunching his back legs-ready to spring- but too late. The blood-drinkers hands were around his furry neck. I saw Sam’s eyes for a split second before he died, he knew he wasn’t going to walk away from this. Sam was on the ground, unmoving, his head twisted at an awkward angle. The figure had vanished and was back in the safety of his warriors, being congratulated and patted on the back. “Good on you Sol!” etc. Yeah great job Sol, for killing our leader. But… then… that means I’m the leader! I’m the one who controls the pack.

–Move forward- I ordered. They obeyed. I head another voice- not a wolf’s- inside my head. –Foolish Cubs- and I knew it was the vampire who killed Sam. I bared my teeth in answer and let loose a growl that was ferocious and terrifying- even to my own ears. As one we walked forward. As one we heard the vampires talking. “Zack, move forward.” And as one we saw a black haired vampire move forward, flanked by the other five vampires. Then all Hades broke loose…

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