Five stories collide

this is my entry for the Crossover contest. hope you like it!! (Mine is a mix between (now) 5 fandoms: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Maze Runner and Doctor Who.) The story has been REVIVED because of the OVERWHELMING response from the fans of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in the midst of life so bear with me if this is not COMPLETELY accurate, if it is NOT accurate; please put the thing that is wrong with the correction along with it...... THANKS SO MUCH!!!


5. The Hogwarts Express

"Okay, and that's what happened." I finished finally as I sat back and listened as the rain trickled down the window of the compartment Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Fred, George, Jesse and I were crammed into a passenger section of the train.

"So, you're saying that you have to help us defeat Voldemort and that you're gonna have to do that with different books." George said a little confused.

"Well, I've read these Muggle books," Hermoine stated as she flipped through the pages of the books that had magically appeared beside us while I was explaining part to the new Order of the Pheonix.

"Of course you have!" Ron exclaimed hurridley.

"Well, anyways, these books have some pretty insane bad guys at times." Hermoine said as she gave a glare of hatred to Ron.

"The things I know about your lives and you don't is amusing." I muttered under my breath.

"Then, can you tell us?" Harry asked.

"I would," I could feel my expression darken. "But, I really want to get out of this 'story' before your seventh year here."

"What happens that is so bad?" Fred asked.You die. I thought to myself, choking back tears. Fred probably saw the expression on my face. "Sorry I asked."

"It's okay. I just-- I'm not really happy about the seventh book, erm- I mean, year. Their seventh year. Let's just say that, you may loose the ones you love."

"Look!" Ginny almost squealed with delight. "We're here." We all looked out the window and saw the great castle that I would call home. I looked out the window and saw Hogwarts.


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