Five stories collide

this is my entry for the Crossover contest. hope you like it!! (Mine is a mix between (now) 5 fandoms: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Maze Runner and Doctor Who.) The story has been REVIVED because of the OVERWHELMING response from the fans of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in the midst of life so bear with me if this is not COMPLETELY accurate, if it is NOT accurate; please put the thing that is wrong with the correction along with it...... THANKS SO MUCH!!!


7. Meeting Dumbledore

Surprisingly the man with the really long beard, Dumbledore, was very calm about the situation, as if Muggles walked into the wizarding universe everyday and didn't know what they had to do to leave. Dumbledore's long blue robes gently caressed the floor every time the old man took a step. He walked towards his phoenix, Fawkes, and stroked its head. I turned around and Professor McGonagall had slowly entered the Headmaster's office keeping her eyes low and her head

"Sir, just one question." Jesse asked as we had just finished our conversation with Dumbledore.

"It defaults to 'Sherbert Lemon' at the beginning of each year." He said, answering my question, but not Jesse's.

"No, sir. I was gonna ask, where are we going to stay?"

"Shall I get two stools?" McGonagall asked Dumbledore as if she knew what was about to happen, and drawing attention to herself now was better than being asked to do the task afterwards and risking the Headmaster's temper rising. As if it would.

"Why, in the houses here of course." Dumbledore replied as he turned around towards us and gave us each a serious look. "I believe that it is time for the sorting hat." Dumbledore disappeared behind a couple stacks of book and knick-knacks. I caught glimpse of wisps of his beard as he made his way to the top shelf near the back of his office to grab the infamous sorting hat as Jesse and I sat in the stools that Professor McGonagall had gotten us. He was back in a matter of seconds and I slowly looked up.

"What if we aren't in the same house?" I asked Dumbledore hoping that it wouldn't happen.

"We shall make... arrangements, hopefully." He answered, his voice soft and gentle as if he was talking to a new born baby.  

"And if we don't get chosen by our own wands... won't some people get suspicious of 'those muggle-born wizards that have stooped displaying wizardry'?" I asked the second question.

"We shall figure something out, Ryann. Don't get worried over the details. You are welcome to stay here as long as you would like, or until you have to leave."

"Thanks," Jesse said sarcastically. I had no choice but to smirk. After all, he was my brother and he made me laugh, sometimes. Not all the time. Just the odd moments, like now. The hat was placed upon his dirty blonde hair and I could see his posture change as he sat up straighter as to impress the hat, he tried to give the impression he had broader shoulders and a more full physique. He started to squirm which was abnormal for him, he was usually still-sat, if that makes any sense. 

"SLYTHERIN!" We both heard the hat say loudly as its voice echoed off of the walls in the Headmaster's office. My heart sank into my stomach as I realized that we may be sorted into the same house and I would no longer be able to call the people I befriended on the train friends, if that were to happen. Jesse's green-gray eyes locked with my blue-green eyes. I could see Dumbledore approach me from my peripheral vision as I felt him place the Sorting Hat on my light auburn hair. I readjusted myself on the stool as I waited for my fate to be decided.

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