Five stories collide

this is my entry for the Crossover contest. hope you like it!! (Mine is a mix between (now) 5 fandoms: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Maze Runner and Doctor Who.) The story has been REVIVED because of the OVERWHELMING response from the fans of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in the midst of life so bear with me if this is not COMPLETELY accurate, if it is NOT accurate; please put the thing that is wrong with the correction along with it...... THANKS SO MUCH!!!


8. Being Sorted

"Why did you put Jesse into Slytherin?" I barely whispered to the hat, as my eyes tried to look at the thing sitting on top of my head. 

"I have seen from your brother's memories, thoughts and prior actions that he is resourceful, cunning and clever. Those three qualities stood out for me as I sorted through his mind." The Sorting Hat replied in a soft tone, which was completely opposite to how it would usually sound as the Hat yelled each house for the respective person.

"I can see that you are creative as well as accepting. You also posses courage, and you are daring as well as possessing a hell of a lot of nerve. What houses do you think I have narrowed you down to?"

"Ravenclaw and Gryffindor?"I answered in the form of a question, hoping that I was right.

"Precisely, now let all of your Ravenclaw qualities shine through, remember that for old Sorty?" the Hat joked, and I laughed a little. "GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat shouted as it was pulled off of me by Dumbledore. My heart sank even further into my stomach as I now knew that my brother and I were in separate houses and I would only see him during classes and meal times. 

"Minerva, please go and get Severus so he can show his new Slytherin pupil around the castle." Dumbledore turned to me. "Ryann please follow Professor McGonagall to the Gryffindor common room, as she will be showing you around." But I already know where everything is! I thought to myself as I quietly stood up and followed McGonagall out of the Headmaster's office and to the Gryffindor common room. Wait 'til I tell the others what just happened. I thought again, and then I wondered knowing that we may have just gotten into one of the biggest messes of our lives. How the hell am I going to get Jesse and I outta this?

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