One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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4. What happened...?



Crystals P.O.V.


I couldn´t stop laughing! I just couldn´t! And Niall seemed to have the same problem as me…

I looked up and saw Louis doing something with his phone. I then saw him give it to El. And El giving it to Caitlin… Ok?

I looked at Louis again and saw that he looked at El. He looked really mad. What was this? Laughing really made you miss a lot…

I turned to Nialler and whispered in his ear.

-What happened?


-Look at Lou…

He took a look at Louis and then looked at me confused. By now we weren´t laughing anymore.



-I know…

-Should we leave? I don´t like Els face right now…

-And I don´t like Louis…

-HAH, Caitlin said triumphal from the front, I made it! Now let’s see…

-Let’s go, I said to Niall. 

We stood up and everybody, but Caitlin and Louis, looked at us.

-We are going to get something to eat, Niall said.

Everybody sighed and turned away.

-Nice one Ni!

-I know, he said and winked at me.

We started walking towards the little kitchen in the back of our “lounge”.

-You were serious, I asked.

-Nope! But the kitchen seems like a great place to go to when I said we were going to get food.

-Right, I said and took his hand.

He gave me one of his smiles. The kind that killed the whole directioner fandom. I knew since I was part of it less than two years ago. We entered the kitchen and closed the door behind us.

-So… What happened out there?

-I have no idea, Ni…

-Our friends are weird!

I nodded in agreement before sitting at one of the chairs. Niall sat next to me. He put his arm around me and I felt myself relax. He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled at him before kissing him. Not on the cheek. A real kiss…



That´s it for today...have to be social with my family now :/

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