One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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2. Twittah?! :O


Caitlins P.O.V.

-May I ask why you are lying on the floor mister, I asked Niall.

I was trying to spend some time with my boyfriend and that was not the easiest thing when someone was lying on the floor behind you, laughing like crazy…and now Cryst started laughing too…I wonder why they were laughing in the first place. It was kind of disturbing!

-Not again, El complained from behind Cryst.

-Oh no, Harry sid next to me. I understood him completely!

-Oh yes…

I was just about to tell them to shut up when I received a text message…from Mary?

Look at Lou!

//M <3

I looked up at Louis and saw that he was filming the whole thing. I met Marys gace and understood that I shouldn´t tell them to stop. This could be really fun. I turned to Harry and whispered in his ear.



-Look at Lou…

I saw Harry glance at Lou. And then he looked like he was going to have laugh-breakdown like Ni and Cryst.

-Don´t make any noice…I warn you…

He looked at me with a scared impression. I leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek. This seemed to be enough to get him back on track.

-El, he said.

I looked at El. Her face had an angry expression and she glared at Crystal and Niall. This must mean they laughed about something that had to do with her…I decided to text Mary and ask:

What happened? :O

// Cat <3

I saw her pick up her phone and answer my text. Not much later my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Tell you later…

// M <3

ARGH!!! I wanted to know now!!! I decided to text Perrie instead and apparently that was a good idea because half a minute later I knew exactly what happened.

Niall and Crystal were still lying on the floor and laughing. I didn´t really get what was so funny… Louis was still filming. He seemed to try to get my attention…

I mouthed “what” to him and he seemed to mouth back “twitter”.

I couldn´t hold myself back! I started laughing like crazy too. Everybody turned to me and I could feel my cheeks go red.

-What is it love, Harry leaned in and whispered in my ear.

I couldn´t answer as I was still laughing. The problem was Louis camera was now pointed at me…OH NO!!! I had to do something!




Hope you enjoyed it :)

Was really fun writing it :D

Next chapter will be Louis P.O.V. Will be even funnier to write XD

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