One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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6. surprise :D


Eleanor's P.O.V.


-What now, she sighed.

-Just come!!! Lou, go talk to Niall or something. Or he will be lonely.

I winked at Louis who stood up and walked over to Niall. Cryst was now right in front of me.

-What is it El?

-I have found the PERFECT restaurant for our couple dinner!

-BINGO!!! I never had any idea of how hard it could be to find a restaurant...

-I know…But now I´ve found it, I said and smiled. We had been planning this since we decided we would go on this trip. Niall and Louis had no idea. We had secretly brought nice clothes for them to wear and we ad planned it behind their backs. It was going to be perfect!!! I just knew it!

-So…What´s it called, Cryst asked while sitting down on the same chair Louis sat on five minutes earlier.

-I actually don´t know, I said and laughed, but it´s perfect! I have the web page up on my computer.

-Sounds great then, Cryst said and laughed at me.


We both started giggling. This would be the best date ever!!!

-When are we going to tell Ni and Lou?

-I think we shouldn´t! We just tell them to dress up and bring them there. Or it will ruin the fun part…

Cryst nodded in agreement.

-That´s true…Let´s keep it a secret…

We then started talking about all the fun things we were going to do during the vacation. Since Cryst is a “planner” she had planned every single detail of this trip. It was kind of hilarious actually. Our poor friends and boyfriends had no idea what was waiting them…


I´m SO SO SORRY I haven´t updated for so long...feels like we have a test everyday for the moment :/
Gonna try to keep it up anyway! Love you all!!! Hope you enjoyed it <3

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