One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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7. St. Martin...


Nialls P.O.V.

-So…have you found a restaurant yet? 

-Not yet…we have to find the perfect one…

I sighed…It was really hard to find a restaurant that matched our expectations! Me and Louis had decided to plan a date with our girlfriends. Everything was planned…except the restaurant…We just couldn´t seem to find one!!!

-Then we have a big problem…what day should we take them out?

-It´s Tuesday today…how about Saturday?

-Sounds great! Then we will have time to find a good restaurant, I said.

-I know!!! Then it´s a deal, Louis said and glanced at El, now if you excuse me I will go back and see if my lovely girlfriend can consider to spend some time with me before we land.

-Sure lad! See ya later.

Louis walked over to El who seemed to be in a great mood. I wonder what she had talked to Cryst about… As Lou reached El, Cryst walked back to me.

-You ok?

-Why shouldn´t I be, I asked and smiled cheekily.

-No one can resist that smile Nialler, she said and winked, just checking in case you got mad at El for stealing me.

-No problem. It was nice talking to Lou for a bit.

I thought about the perfect Saturday we had in front of us. Cryst and El would be so surprised!

-Good, Cryst said smiling.

-Want to join me?

-Sure, she answered while sitting down next to me, remind me. How long is this flight?

We were going to a island called St. Martin in the Caribbean.  We had looked at pictures and it looked like the perfect vacation for us. There were the typical beaches with turquoise seas, but there was also loads of shopping and good restaurants. And a bonus was that it was a really small island which meant it was perfect to have a day trip around it (which Cryst had planned we were going to do on Friday).

-About ten hours. Should we try and get some sleep?

-Sounds like a brilliant idea!



One more chapter :D
Proud of myself...Now I have an IMPORTANT question!!! Should I keep writing short chapters like this or start writing longer ones with more than one POV? Need answers ASAP...
Love you all and hope you enjoy it :D
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