One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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5. Love <3


Nialls P.O.V.

I´m in love! I´m sure! Cryst…she is just amazing!!! Perfect!!! The one!!! You get it… I had to get her to understand what she meant to me. Right now she was sitting quiet next to me in the kitchen. The kiss was amazing. Like every moment with her. She looked up at me.

-Should we go back to the others?



Not now!!! Argh…At least I could plan something perfect now…I had to ask Liam later…


Crystals P.O.V.

That was amazing…simply amazing…! I loved my Nialler so much…I don´t think he understood how much. I had to show him! But not right now…

-Should we go back to the others?


He looked disappointed…I wonder why…

-Ehm, yeah?

He simply nodded before opening the door and walking out. Weird…




Short...sorry...have to do homework :/

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