One story leads to another...

So...basically i was makin this for school. We are supposed to write about a journey. But for some reason my teacher said it could´nt count so putting it here instead :D

It´s about the girls Crystal and Eleanor who´s together with Niall and Louis. This is a sequel to a story my friend is writing. Gonna tell her to put it up ;)

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1. One story leads to another...

This is seven chapters in one...Too lazy to post one by one...



*Hurry Nialler!!!*


Crystals P.O.V

-Niall! Are you ready to go? The boys and girls are waiting for us!

-Coming in a second love!

I sighed…we were already late…I got my handbag and went to the door, ready to go. My bag was packed with clothes and stuff that we might need (or maybe not, but I was a weird packer. I brought everything. Literally…) and Nialls bag stood next to mine. I had checked it yesterday to see that he hadn’t forgot anything. He wasn’t the best on packing. I turned around to once again call for Niall, but saw he was on his way down the stairs. Instead I ran against him and pecked him on the cheek. He smiled at me and pecked my cheek back. I took his hand and dragged him to the door. We were so late! El would kill me!!! Niall looked at me with an amused grin. 

-Don`t look so pleased! It´s your fault El will kill me!

-Don´t worry love. I´m sure she will understand.

-Don´t say that! We both know how El can be!

-Let´s go instead shall we?

I nodded at him and got my keys. Niall walked through the door with our luggage while I closed the door and locked it. The cab that was taking us to the airport was already waiting outside. We packed our things in the trunk. Then Niall jumped in on one side and me on the other.

-Let´s go, I said and smiled.



*Crazy, crazy, crazy...*

Eleanors P.O.V.

-Where are they?!

-I´m sure they will be here in a second love. Please calm down?

- I CAN`T!!! Our plane is boarding in half an hour!!! And the check in is going to close!!!

-Please love? I´m sure they will make it!

-Ok then…only for you…

-Love you!

-Love you too…

Just as I said this I saw Cryst and Niall run through the hall to us.


-Sorry, El! Niall took ages!!!

-Just go and check in your luggage…or we will miss the plane…


I saw Cryst grab Nialls arm and drag him through the people crowding the airport. Oh, how I hope nobody will recognize them…



*Stupid Claustriophobia...*


Nialls P.O.V.



Crystal held my arm really hard! I couldn’t move it…the only thing I could do was follow her through the crowded airport. I felt the claustrophobia coming…

-Cryst, can you please let go of my arm?

-We have to hurry Ni!!!

-I´m starting to feel claustrophobic…

-Why didn’t you just say that from the beginning?

She let my arm go and took my hand instead. I moved closer to her. She was one of the few people that could calm me down when I started to feel the panick from being in the crowds…

-Better, she asked.

-A lot, I answered and smiled at her. She smiled back, but kept on walking fast, heading for the check in desks.





Crystals P.O.V.


Finally we reached the check in! Thankfully no one had recognized us, but Niall had got claustrophobic. He looked better now though which made me happy. His arm was a bit red…I didn´t think I held it so hard…poor Ni…I had to make it up to him later!

-Next, I heard the attendant in the desk say. I was our turn…

-Yes, hello! Niall Horan and Crystal Clarke…two luggages!

-Niall Horan? Aren´t you that lad from that band?

-One direction, yes…

Poor Ni…he couldn´t go anywhere without getting noticed…

-My daughter is a big fan, the woman said and smiled. Niall smiled back, but I could see he was a bit uncomfortable.

-So…Two luggages you said?


-Ok…two luggages…and here are your tickets…

Niall took the tickets from the lady and we left our luggage to her. I saw her putting a “important” sign on both of them. Sometimes it was great with Niall being famous and all that. Like now…we were just about to go back to El and Louis when I received a message from El:


We went to the lounge…the other boys and girls are waiting there…hurry!

//El <3


We had business tickets and also gold cards so we only had to go through the gold card security and then we came to the lounge.

-They are waiting in the lounge for us. Coming?

-Right behind you, love!

-Ok then, I said and started walking…

I was just about to turn around and see if Niall could keep up my pace when I felt a hand touching mine. I took it and smiled for myself. This had been a good day so far. No fans had recognized us which I was really thankful for. We walked through security without any problem and reached the lounge. The plane took off in about 15 minutes and the boarding was in ten minutes.


 I saw El standing in a corner with the rest of the girls drinking a cup of coffee. The boys sat in a sofa in the middle of the room and talked to each other. I walked towards the girls and saw that Niall was heading for a fridge in the other corner. That boy ate 24/7! El seemed to be in a better mood now. Maybe it was when she got her coffee? She was terrible when she didn´t get her morning coffee and I highly doubt they had time to stop by starbucks this morning…


Besides El there were three more girls: our friend Mary from Sweden, Zayns girlfriend Perrie and Harrys girlfriend Caitlin. I was very close with all off them. But of course especially El. We had known each other as long as I could remember! I had met Mary in 8th grade and Perrie and Caitlin I had met when I became friends with the boys. Now we were as close as if we had known each other for ages. I hugged all of them and then sat at a chair next to Caitlin. We hadn´t met each other for a week, not including El, so it was nice to be back with them. We had loads to talk about! Thank god we had two weeks’ vacation in front of us! This would be so much fun!!!



*Is it weird to stare at your gf for ten minutes...?*


Louis P.O.V.



I sat with the boys in the middle of the room. It was nice to talk to them. I had met Niall almost every day since El and Cryst were the people planning this trip and I went for a coffee with Haz a couple of days ago, but the other lads had been spending time at home all week. I didn´t admit it to anyone, but I really missed the lads when we weren´t together…

Not much had happened the last week. We had a total of five weeks off, two which we were about to spend together, and this had been the first one. Therefore we had been doing nothing at all. Besides watching TV and in Nialls case eating LOADS!!! Therefore we spend the ten minutes sitting and starring at our girlfriends having a conversation in the corner…El looked so good today!!!





Eleanors P.O.V.



This had been an awful morning! I hadn´t got my morning-coffee and everybody knows what i´m like when I didn´t get my coffee! Poor Louis who had to deal with me…and also I looked awful since we didn´t have time for anything at all before going to the airport! I had panicked when Niall and Cryst were late. What if they wouldn´t have gotten here in time? Thankfully they did and now I could finally relax a bit. I saw Niall thought the same. He had gotten some food from the fridge in the other corner. That boy is seriously crazy…

I was just about to answer Crysts question about my morning when a flight attendant told me that the plane was ready for boarding now. They had let us wait until the last minute so that the boys wouldn´t get mobbed. Another thing I was really thankful for…

I stood up and the other girls did the same. I walked to get Louis who looked a bit like a zombie…poor thing…

-Ready to go?


-What are you waiting for then?

Lou sighed and stood up. I pecked him on the lips to get him to wake up a bit…It worked…His face lighted up and he stood up. He then took my hand and kissed me on the cheek. That was unexpected. But I liked it. We started walking towards the plane with the other cuples following us.





Marys P.O.V.

-Ready to go Li?

-Always ready, M…

-It´s going to be a long flight…

-Yeah…But i´m used to it! I´m more worried about you…

-I will be ok…

-We both know planes isn´t really your thing.

-Not really…but i´ll make it. As long as you hold me.

-Of course babe. What did you think?

-Exactly the answer I wanted!

We walked together towards the plane. Louis seemed to be pretty hyped…I wonder what El did. He seemed to be asleep five minutes ago. Cryst and Niall seemed calmer now. They really came in the last second. Caitlin and Harry really was in love. You could see it on the way they looked at each other. They glanced at each other every now and then. Perrie and Zayn walked behind us so I couldn´t see what they were doing. Liam took my hand. I really hated flying. That was one of the few bad things with being together with Liam. We were on planes all the time. At least it felt like that. We entered the plane. Cryst, Niall, El and Louis sat on one side of the private lounge we had booked for us. We didn´t want anyone to see us. Caitlin and Harry sat in the front together. As I said: in love! Perrie and zayn sat on the other side of the plane from Ciall and Elounor. Liam sat next to Zayn, still holding my hand, and told me to sit next to Perrie. I was great friend with Perrie. She was really nice and great on talking. Hopefully she could help Liam on keeping me calm.

-So, you guys ready, Zayn asked.

-As ready as I can be, I answered truthfully.

Perrie started laughing.

-No one is ready when it´s El and Cryst who´s planning the trip. Not even Niall and Louis who heard every single detail.

-That´s not true, Liam said. He was probably just scared El would hear us.

-Yes it is mate, Zayn said and looked at my boyfriend, El is one of the craziest persons I know…

-Rigt, Perrie said a little too loud.

-What are you talking about, El screamed from the other side.

-Ehm…nothing, Liam answered. I knew it!

Niall started laughing. And so did Cryst. Those two couldn´t be serious…

-What´s so funny, El screamed at them.

-N-n-n-n-nothing, Cryst managed to say through the laughter. Niall agreed by nodding. El gave them both an angry look before once more turning to us.

-Now I want to hear what you were talking about…!

-Let them be love, Louis tried.


Niall and Cryst started laughing even harder (if that was even possible). El glared at them.

-It was nothing El! We were just joking, Zayn said.

-Didn´t sound like that…

-El, come on!

Cryst stopped laughing and tried to calm El down. Louis looked exhausted.

-Ok then…but only because Perrie helped me get coffee…

By now Niall was lying on the floor laughing. Cryst looked at him with an amused grin on her face.

-May I ask why you are lying on the floor mister?

It was Caitlin. The lovebirds had finally noticed we were ten people and not two…Niall just kept on laughing which made Cryst starting to laugh again.

-Not again, El whined.

-Oh, no, Harry said from the front looking back at us.

-Oh, yes, Perrie stated.

Niall and Cryst were laughing so hard barely any sound escaped their lips. It looked kind of amusing. I glanced at Louis and saw that he was filming the scene! Oh, they were going to regret this later…


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