I'm Sorry Liam

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  • Published: 17 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2013
  • Status: Complete
When Ellie was growing up, in her teenage years, she started to become obsessed with One Direction, and her dream was to meet One Direction and to have Liam James Payne as her boyfriend. Well, that was in April 2012. Now it's January 2017 and Liam have turned into a handsome 23 year old man and Ellie have grown up into a cute 19 year old girl. One Direction is still going strong and Ellie's dream had became a reality, but as Liam lashes out at Liam, Liam breaks up with Ellie. Had Liam destroyed her dream, and even worse, Ellie's heart?


1. You're Dumped Ellie!

A/N: The story will be told in two POVs (Liam's POV and Ellie's POV) Enjoy the story

Ellie's POV:

"I have just had enough!" Liam shouted at me. I sat on the big, posh black trendy couch, hugging a pure white fluffy cushion. I didn't say anything. He was just lashing out at me, instead of his haters. His haters just made a new hate account, hating on Liam and me, aka. Elliam. I didn't mind the haters, just as long as I had Liam. Liam yelled at me, "I have had enough! I had enough of the hate!" his eyes were filled with tears. My heart stung with pain. He never yelled at anybody, let alone me. He never was angry like this. The haters have won.

Liam's POV:

I was yelling at Ellie for the first time in our 6-month relationship. I have never yelled at a girl before. Ellie was just sitting on the couch, fragile and helpless. I wanted to apologise and hug her tightly, never letting her go. But something inside my body stopped me from doing that. Tears are streaming down Ellie's cheeks. I wanted to wipe them away and give her a hug but I couldn't. The two words I never wanted to say, slipped out of my mouth, "You're dumped!" I yelled, tears escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. Ellie burst into tears, crying her little, inoccent heart out. Tears prickled my eyes and I picked up my bag and I walked out of the flat Ellie and I shared. I walked down the road, my hands buried deep into my jeans' pockets. I regret saying that I dumped Ellie. She was my love of my life. No, she IS my love of my life. I wipe away the tears.



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