I'm Sorry Liam

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  • Published: 17 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2013
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When Ellie was growing up, in her teenage years, she started to become obsessed with One Direction, and her dream was to meet One Direction and to have Liam James Payne as her boyfriend. Well, that was in April 2012. Now it's January 2017 and Liam have turned into a handsome 23 year old man and Ellie have grown up into a cute 19 year old girl. One Direction is still going strong and Ellie's dream had became a reality, but as Liam lashes out at Liam, Liam breaks up with Ellie. Had Liam destroyed her dream, and even worse, Ellie's heart?


4. It's not too late

Liam's POV: 

I was in tears while I told Niall what happened and he gave me a big hug. "Go back to Ellie's house. Go back to her house to apologize, it's not too late," Niall says, trying to make me go back to Ellie, "It's too late! Ellie thinks I hate her!" I wail. Niall sighs loudly, "What did you do to make her think that?" he says, standing up and walking to his kitchen to make a cup of tea for me. "I yelled at her. I have never yelled at somebody before," I explain, Niall comes over to me, handing me a cup filled with steaming hot tea. I sip the hot tea, burning my tongue a bit, "Why did you shout at Ellie? I mean, she's a lovely girl, a gorgeous girl," Niall says, sitting down next to me. I sigh, "Well, I just came home from the studios, and I had a terrible week, but when I arrived home, I found out that a hate account had been set up, it was hating on Ellie and me; Elliam. Something snapped inside of me and I just lashed out at her. I regret it." I sob. Niall nods and hugs me, showing support for me. 


Ellie's POV: 

I wanted Liam back. But there was nothing I could do. Would Liam be here with me, if I didn't show him the hate account? What if we never dated at all. A million of unanswered questions swirled around my head. I felt my eyes getting heavy and soon enough, I dropped off to sleep. I curled up on the couch automatically and I just slept the whole afternoon. I felt so tired after crying so much. 

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