I'm Sorry Liam

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  • Published: 17 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2013
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When Ellie was growing up, in her teenage years, she started to become obsessed with One Direction, and her dream was to meet One Direction and to have Liam James Payne as her boyfriend. Well, that was in April 2012. Now it's January 2017 and Liam have turned into a handsome 23 year old man and Ellie have grown up into a cute 19 year old girl. One Direction is still going strong and Ellie's dream had became a reality, but as Liam lashes out at Liam, Liam breaks up with Ellie. Had Liam destroyed her dream, and even worse, Ellie's heart?


7. Happy Ever After Ending

Ellie's POV:

I knew Liam was at a concert at the moment, which was just a fifteen minutes walk away. Hurtling my body upwards from the couch, I took my phone. "Half past nine" I read the time out aloud, the concert would finish at ten o'clock. I didn't have much time left. Getting changed quickly, desperate to make up for rejecting Liam, I looked down at the skinny jeans, MTV loose vest and red VANS I was wearing, I shrugged and ran outside, forgetting my coat and forgetting that my face had mascara running down my cheeks. While I ran, I managed to remember my smudged mascara and I quickly cleaned that up with my hands, making the tips of my fingers black. Running to the concert, all I could think was 'Get Liam back, get Liam back, get Liam back'. I managed to convince the guards outside of the venue to let me in, and when I went inside, all I could hear was screaming fans and the boys singing. I finally heard Liam's voice that I haven't heard in hours. "You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads as you walk through the door, Don't need make up to cover up, being the way you are is enough," Liam sang and my eyes welled up, as he would sing this verse to me whenever I put on make up or said I was ugly. I smiled, grateful that I remembered to wipe away my mascara. Rubbing my cheeks, I tried to rub the blush I had on away, and successfully completed my task. "LIAM!" I screamed when the boys finished their song, bursting open the doors.


Liam's POV:

"Ellie?" I said into the microphone. Ellie ran into the massive crowd, pushing through the fans. "Liam, I love you," Ellie called out, barely audible. "Come on up here," I told her, and she stepped on the stage, "I love you more," I whispered, smirking. We kissed passionately, earning ourselves a loud 'Awww' from the audience. "Now sit down love, I want to sing you a song," I ordered Ellie, and she nodded, smiling her sweet dimpled smile. She sat down on the edge of the stage, and the boys and I started to sing 'Last First Kiss' to her. Well, apart from Louis. Louis was scared that Eleanor was going to kill him. "Come here!" I cheered as we finished the song, and she stood up. We both walked slowly towards each other, and we shared a long embrace. Breathing in her familiar scent, I grinned. Thousands of flashes flashed into our direction, even more flashes flashed at us when we shared yet another kiss.

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