I'm Sorry Liam

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  • Published: 17 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2013
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When Ellie was growing up, in her teenage years, she started to become obsessed with One Direction, and her dream was to meet One Direction and to have Liam James Payne as her boyfriend. Well, that was in April 2012. Now it's January 2017 and Liam have turned into a handsome 23 year old man and Ellie have grown up into a cute 19 year old girl. One Direction is still going strong and Ellie's dream had became a reality, but as Liam lashes out at Liam, Liam breaks up with Ellie. Had Liam destroyed her dream, and even worse, Ellie's heart?


6. A Song For You

Liam's POV:

Ellie seriously said no? But she was right. She had a point. I broke her heart once and she is too afraid to fall in love with me again? Wow. I had to do something big to win her back. I call the rest of the boys to meet me at the studio. They agreed to help me out with my big idea....


Ellie's POV:

I curled up on the sofa, crying again. I felt like I was trapped in a parallel world where everybody wanted to hurt me over and over again. I picked up my iPad mini which Liam gave to me as a hello-I'm-home! present. I sobbed at the thought and I went on BBC news, and I searched 'Liam Payne and Ellie Reid'. Well, my last name is Reid and Alex Reid, Jordan Price's ex, is my uncle. Dozens of different news reports filled the page about Liam and me. I pressed the latest one, and it was a suspected break-up. I looked at the publish time and date; 29th December 2012, 3:24pm. It was published about three hours ago! A picture showed Liam walking on the streets, crying. I felt guilty. But my guiltness didn't make me more misterable, but I cried even more.


Liam's POV:

We were on the stage, singing Live While We're Young, to an auidence of thousands. When the song ended, I said into my microphone, "This song is to the love of my life, Ellie Reid. I hurt her once and I want this song to tell you her that I'm sorry," then we started to sing a song I wrote (See trailer) and when we ended, we moved on to the twitter questions. A question came up on the huge screen behind us, "Did Liam really break up with Ellie? What exactly happened?" Niall read the question out loud, and he eyed me nervously. Zayn, Harry and Louis didn't know that Ellie and I broke up, so I shook my head, to say no, and I smiled, "Ellie and I are still together, and when I said I accidently hurt her, well, it's private and confidental. Sorry girls, I can't tell anybody apart from Niall here," I said, looking at Niall and giving him a hug. Niall smiled nervously.

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