Don't Sleep

Katniss Everdeen is impossible to kill and Colranius Snow is getting more and more frustrated and then the idea comes to him. He needs Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street crosses over with The Hunger Games for the Crossover Competition.


3. Second Time

Freddy was so close he could smell the dirt in Katniss' long dark hair. She was asleep and he was inside her dream. Now, all he had to do was...

Damn. Why was he so noisy? She was sat up, bow at the ready. She wasn't in the tree she wasn't in the tree anymore, the claw marks had probably scared her, so she lay on a small patch of grass on the edge of the arena. Quite naive, really, the only protection round here was the old tree roots over by the small pool of water.

Still, he got even closer and came out to where she could see him. The look on her face was absolutely priceless. The girl on fire was actually scared. He couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Who...are you?" her voice came out in a frightful whisper. This job shouldn't be too hard.

"I am your worst nightmare," Freddy laughed.

Katniss scrambled to her feet and started to back away from the man, constantly repeating "It's just a dream." His face was disfigured, hardly recognisable as a human. It looked burnt and the few remaining hairs beneath his old hat were singed. His right hand was what scared Katniss the most. Five long blades stuck through the gardening glove he wore and it looked like they could easily chop off her own hand with one, easy swipe.

The man, Freddy, was getting closer to her again, pulling her into him and running his normal hand through her dark hair. She tried to pull away but his grip on her hair was too strong.

"Well, aren't you just the prettiest thing," Freddy said with his deep, snarling voice, "Too bad it's all for nothing."

The five blades traced over Katniss' cheek, slightly breaking the skin and forming five parallel cuts on her cheek. She cowered away from him. Blood trickled down her pale skin drop by drop, slowly and painfully.

"Wake up," she whispered to herself, "Come on, wake up."

"You won't be so lucky," Freddy Krueger whispered back as he drew his bladed fingers away from her face, about to strike.


Katniss woke with a start. Freddy was gone but the cuts on her cheek remained, still painful and heavily bleeding. She searched in her bag for something to mop up the blood in her rucksack. At the bottom was a piece of striped material... The same material as Freddy Krueger's sweatshirt.

She dropped the fabric and searched for something else. This was all getting too weird. First, the claw marks on the tree, then the cuts and the fabric. Maybe the first two were coincidences, but the third? No. This was all real. And the only thing Katniss knew was that she couldn't go to sleep tonight.

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