Don't Sleep

Katniss Everdeen is impossible to kill and Colranius Snow is getting more and more frustrated and then the idea comes to him. He needs Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street crosses over with The Hunger Games for the Crossover Competition.


2. One More Week

Katniss Everdeen was absolutely freezing. Even with the sleeping bag she still could not feel her hands or feet.  It seemed like everything was out to get her, and to be honest they probably were. After knocking that tracker jacker nest on to the other tributes she knew Cato, Clove and Peeta would probably be out to get her, at least. Definitely Cato. He already hated her but now she had practically killed some of his allies, Cato was out to get her blood.

She couldn't tell if she was dreaming, but she could her someone climbing up her tree. Careful not to make too much noise, she sat up and strained her bow, ready to shoot. Every so often she would hear a scratching at the tree bark and it would send her into alert mode, but nothing would come of it. It was probably Cato. But then again, if it was, wouldn't she already be dead?


President Snow sat in his office, watching the live broadcast of The Hunger Games. He was somewhat uplifted to see the girl on fire asleep. Krueger would already be inside her head, now it was just a waiting game.

The camera kept flitting from Katniss to the other tributes. It interested him that her star crossed lover wasn't their with her, obviously it was all a ploy to get some sponsors. There he was, the boy from District 12, what was his name again... Peeta Mellark. Snow could see himself getting Freddy on him next.

What the hell was taking so long? Katniss had been asleep for well over an hour. What was Krueger playing at? He was meant to be unbeatable. He had 10 minutes before the broadcast ended or they would be having some serious words in the morning.


She was beautiful. It was all Freddy Krueger could think. Absolutely beautiful. Even more than on the screen in his home of District 2.

But he had a job to do. Perched a few branches above the dreaming Katniss, he was ready to pounce as soon as she dropped her bow. She was looking around, her eyes wide with fear. Every so often, she'd relax but Freddy would stupidly make a noise and send her into a state of alertness. 

This wasn't real, but still he was cold. His striped sweater was thin. How badly he wanted to just get into Katniss' sleeping bag and just lie next to her. To get warm, of course.


Katniss woke up just as the sun was rising. Was all of that last night real? If it was, then she must be really good with no sleep. She sat up on the thick tree branch and took the last sip of her water.

"Day 17 of The Hunger Games," she whispered to herself, "And I still haven't been killed."

She glanced around, checking it was safe before climbing out of her sleeping bag and stuffing it into her rucksack. Jumping out of the tree she saw some long scratch marks on the tree. Cato must have been real desperate.


"I'm telling you! It's not that simple!" Freddy Krueger was back in Snow's office. It was like Snow was no longer the same person. No longer was he calm, sat behind the wooden desk, now he had Freddy pushed up against the wall, snarling and baring his teeth. "Just give me a week and she'll be gone."

Snow released his grip on Krueger's scrawny frame, wondering why he ever hired him in the first place. This sorry excuse for the "ultimate villain" was practically begging for the forgiveness of an old man like himself. But he was a reasonable man...

"Okay, one more week," he told Krueger, "but if she isn't gone by then we will be having words."

Freddy was literally shaking in his boots. He knew words meant some serious pain, however, he knew Katniss could not go for a week without sleep. She had no chance. Her beauty was such a waste on a girl in this situation.

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