Don't Sleep

Katniss Everdeen is impossible to kill and Colranius Snow is getting more and more frustrated and then the idea comes to him. He needs Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street crosses over with The Hunger Games for the Crossover Competition.


4. Almost

Freddy Krueger sat in the humble shack he called home. All he could think about was Katniss. Damn, she was beautiful. Too bad she had to go.

He wasn't doing this just out of spite though, after he had murdered all those kids he'd swore he'd never do it again. But this, this was just too tempting. President Snow had promised him a fancy house in the Capitol and all the plastic surgery he could ever want. Just for going in someone's head.

Freddy's "slight" disfigurements were what made him a  monster. He never asked for all of this. It was a lonely life he led. Sitting in the shack all day long, and even when he does manage to pick himself up and venture into the streets outside people just stop and stare like they've never seen him before.

All the burns, they still hurt even after all those years. Everyday he put on ointments and creams, took pain killers and an anti-inflammatory but none of it ever works. Maybe he just wanted his victims to feel pain like he did. Maybe behind the face that says "I'm going to rip out your throat and use it as a straw" he is just an ordinary guy.

Or maybe he is just evil.


The cold, stone floor of the cave was uncomfortable as Katniss sat down after what seemed like one of the longer days inside the arena. It was already dark but the Careers' fire was still ablaze, meaning they could strike at any moment.

All the "coincidences" were really getting to her. It wasn't like Katniss to be scared. She had seen almost every thing back home in District 12, but a disfigured man with knives for finger? No. That was just weird. She didn't like what she didn't know, and this just really scared her.

A sudden wave of tiredness swept over her and she closed her eyes for just a millisecond. No, she was not going to fall asleep. Swinging her rucksack over back, she crawled out of the little cave.

When you weren't in danger of being brutally murdered, the scenery inside the arena was actually quite pleasant. Trees and birds were everywhere. And even if they were jabberjays, the were still birds, just like the ones back home.

She could just imagine living somewhere like this. Prim and her would sit in that tree over there, Gale below, teaching Rory and Vick how to set one of his traps and Posy would just play around without a care in the world. Yeah, that was the ideal situation.


A scowling voice whispered through the still air, though where it came from was impossible to know. Freddy was perched above her on a thick tree branch. Jumping down, he attempted to make a grab at Katniss but she was startled and had already dropped to the floor.

He was even more forbidding from this angle, Katniss thought as she struggled to shuffle away from the towering figure. It wasn't working. After a few long, purposeful strides, he was close too her again, bending down and stroking the deep cuts he had left on her cheek.

They were bad. He never wanted them to look like this. No, he only did this to kill his victims, not just for show. Annoyed with himself, his grip on the now shaking Katniss grew stronger until it felt like she was bound to him forever.

"Wha...What do you want from me?" Katniss' voice was a painful whisper through the cold, night air.

"I want you dead."


The camera settled on Katniss Everdeen, asleep in a small cave near the edge of the arena. She was tossing and turning all over the place, like some invisible force was treating her like its ragdoll. Finally, she settled on her back, just at the right angle so the camera captured five long cuts emerge on her back, blood gushing out of them like a river breaking a dam.

President Snow was very pleased with himself indeed. If this didn't kill her, nothing would. And to think, he almost killed off Krueger before he could do his job. Thank God he had listened to his reasonable side.

The scene in District 12 filled the screen. Chaos. Absolute chaos. Snow chuckled to himself as the weak and weary dropped to the floor, others screaming and crying. And then there was the girl's family. Silent, almost emotionless, apart from a single, silent tear that rolled down her sister's cheek.

Yes, this was the best idea he had ever had.

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