Believe In Love (Harry styles story)

Kayla and her best friend Hannah were just normal teenage girls from a small town who were constantly talking and obsessing over One Direction. They thought that they would never meet them, their dreams would never come true, and it was all fake. Little did they know things were about to change, and fast.


10. The Trip

As soon as we entered the hotel me and Hannah sat on one bed, and Harry and the boys on the other. Then someone knocked on the door. I got up to answer it and it was Liam and Zayn. Well, thanks for leaving us! Liam exclaimed. Yeah, and telling us you found her! Zayn yelled.Sorry.... Harry sighed. I got distracted. Well, its good that you found her, Liam said as him and Zayn joined the rest of the boys on the bed. So when are we leaving? Niall asked. Tomorrow, Harry replied. Do you guys have everything? Harry asked. We are going to Kayla and Hannah's high school, and they are gonna treat us like normal students, Harry added. I think so, Louis said looking around. Hannah hugged me for a long time. Hannah? I said. Yeah? She replied. You can let go now, I laughed. Oh, sorry I'm just so glad you're okay! She said as she gently turned my head to look at the blood red mark on my cheek. Wow! you must have really made her mad or something! I didn't know you could draw blood from just smacking someone! Hannah yelled. Hannah, its fine I laughed. It doesn't hurt unless someone or something touches it. Well, what did you do to make her so mad? Hannah questioned. I kept screaming Harry's name as loud as possible, so she hit me and told me to shut up and when I continued to scream she hit me again, harder than the first time. Oh my gosh! Hannah said as she turned to look at Harry. Do you know who this girl is or why she did this? I dont know her personally,but she had a One Direction T-shirt on so I'm gonna guess she was an extremely jealous fan. Harry replied with a sigh as he looked at Hannah. You guys, we probably need to head to bed, its midnight already and we have a big day tomorrow, I suggested, But where are we all going to sleep? Liam asked. Its simple, Harry replied. I can sleep with Kayla he said as he looked to me, if thats alright with you, he smiled. I blushed then smiled, of course it is I replied, but you have to wear something to sleep in, I know how you are, I laugh. Alright then Hannah with Louis, and Niall, Zayn, and Liam can get their sleeping bags from the bus. Harry finishes. Okay, everyone agrees, With Hannah and me smiling like idiots because of what was just said. The boys go off to get their sleeping bags, Louis crawls in bed with Hannah and Harry with me. He cuddles up next to me, it feels so right, having Harry right here next to me. I feel safe,like everything is perfect, despite what just happened. I lay down on the side of my face that doesn't hurt and lay in Harry's arms, I fall asleep instantly. I dont think anything has ever felt so comforting,or right. This is the happiest I have been in my entire life, I sware.


Just so you guys know this is the last chapter.....BUT there is another story on the way its called "She's Not Afraid" make sure you look for it! Going to publish chapter one on December 10th! So keep reading! Love you guys!(: <3

~Mrs. Styles (A.K.A Kayla Costin) ~

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