Believe In Love (Harry styles story)

Kayla and her best friend Hannah were just normal teenage girls from a small town who were constantly talking and obsessing over One Direction. They thought that they would never meet them, their dreams would never come true, and it was all fake. Little did they know things were about to change, and fast.


5. The Decision

Hannah says what?! Did you even think about this?!? He is Harry freaking Styles he cant just come back with you and leave every thing else behind! Guys you gotta think about this! I say Hannah! Will you calm down! We have thought about it and Harry is actually the one who made the decision! I know we have only just met but Hannah u just don't understand. (At this point I have tears in my eyes) He loves me! He says he feels the strongest bond for me, and he doesn't just say it, i look at Harry, he shows it! (at this point I'm crying) Hannah you have to trust me on this! Harry takes me in his arms rubbing my back shhh he says I'm not going anywhere no matter what anybody says as he glares at Hannah. Hannah says Kay your my best friend and I just don't want you hurt, for instance Harry what if we go back and no offense but you really are a flirt, what if you find another girl? It will break her heart and if you break her heart buddy I have news for you you wont be able to sing once I'm done with you, or walk for that matter. I just don't want you hurt Kay I'm protecting you. I say Hannah it will be fine I promise just trust me on this! Hannah sighs and says okay I trust you all I want is whats best for my best friend she smiles.I'm going to go tell the boys,I can convince them she laughs. I say yes go and tell your love Louis and laugh. She glares at me and leaves. I look at Harry and say you wouldn't give up me for another girl like Hannah said right? He looks at me and says Of course not! Don't even think of that! I wouldn't give you up for anything in this world! He kisses my head. Don't worry Beautiful I will never leave you he says with a smile

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