Believe In Love (Harry styles story)

Kayla and her best friend Hannah were just normal teenage girls from a small town who were constantly talking and obsessing over One Direction. They thought that they would never meet them, their dreams would never come true, and it was all fake. Little did they know things were about to change, and fast.


15. The Blessing

After school I met Hannah,Tara, and Kayla Ward waiting for the bus. Hey, Tara said as I walked up to the group. Hey, have you guys seen Harry? I questioned. Nope I havent, Harry said as he came behind me and wrapped his ai rms around me. I laughed, Hi Harry. Kayla smiled, Aww isn't that sweet? I smiled and blushed slighty, shut up! She laughed as Tara looked to Hannah. So whats up with you and Louis? She smiled. Oh nothing, I just really like him like, a lot Hannah replied slightly blushing she had always been shy. I think he likes you too, Harry said as he smiled. How do you know? Hannah asked. Well the way he looks at you and acts around you, and he told me he said as he laughed. Guys shut up! I whispered as Louis walked to the group. Hey guys, hey Hannah he said as he smiled at her. There is my ride, Kayla said as she waved bye and left. Come on Tara, lets leave them alone for now, I giggled. Alright bye guys, have fun Tara smiled as we walked off. Harry intertwined our fingers as we walked. I smiled at him and Tara smiled at us. Harry kept looking at something, but I didnt know what it was. Harry? what are you looking at? I questioned him. That car over there, I think it's Paul's. I gotta go baby I love you, He said as he kissed my head and left. As soon as he left Tara laughed. You guys are too cute! I laughed and playfully hit her, Shut up Tara! It's 3:18 anyway we should be heading back before we miss the bus. We walked back to Hannah and Louis to see that their lips had met.Tara was going to say something, but I covered her mouth until they pulled away. I smiled. That was fast! We've only been gone for 5 minutes! Tara laughed and replied, you guys are adorable. I looked at her, you can be adorable too, all you need is a Niall, I smiled. What? Oh no.... Tara looked at the ground. Oh come on Tara it is obvious you like him! I said trying to convince her. Tara he likes you, a lot Louis said with a smile. Alright fine I will try, Tara looked up and smiled slightly blushing. I have got to go you guys, my bus I smiled and left. When I got home I unlocked the door, and went straight to the kitchen for food. I then put my Iphone 4s on speaker and blasted One Direction, sitting on the couch.I couldnt believe I was living half of the girls on this plantes dream, I was dating Harry Styles!  I wanted to text him, because I already missed him. I didn't want to be clingy though, so I waited for him to text me, and 10 minutes later he did. The text read: "Hey baby whatcha doin?(: I replied: "Oh nothing much, just missing you(:" He replied: "You want me to come over?(;" Harry and the other boys lived at Hannah's. I replied: "Lol sure(:" He put: "alright be there in a minute I love you <3" I smiled and replied: "I love you too <3" Then put my phone away. Crap I remembered my dad was going to be home in about 20 minutes. He can get over it I had to date sometime! I heard a knock at the door. I was too lazy to get up and answer it so I yelled, Come in Harry! He walked in and laughed, Lazy much? I smiled and sat up, Yes I am.  He sat down beside me and  pulled me into his arms. I smiled at him and layed on his chest and yawned, I was tired. If you are tired go to sleep love, he said as he smiled and started humming to me. I fell asleep in his arms and a few minutes later my dad walked in. I stirred a little and Harry looked at my dad with a terrified expression on his face. KAYLA NICOLE COSTIN what is going on here?! Who is he?! my dad yelled. I jumped up out of his arms and rubbed my eyes. dad will you please calm down?! My dad looked from me to Harry and then back at me. First off, he is my boyfriend and you can get over that because I have to date sometime, Second off, Do you not realize who he is?! He is Harry Styles! Hello? From One Direction?! Do you even know me? Obviously not..... Have you even seen my room! I was freaking out, Simply because I was tired of my dad getting in the way of EVERYTHING, I mean yeah I get what he was trying to protect me, but he wont let me do ANYTHING by my self! He just stood there and looked at Harry trying to recognize who he was. I was afraid of what he had to say.

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