Believe In Love (Harry styles story)

Kayla and her best friend Hannah were just normal teenage girls from a small town who were constantly talking and obsessing over One Direction. They thought that they would never meet them, their dreams would never come true, and it was all fake. Little did they know things were about to change, and fast.


2. Meeting Harry styles!<3

We take our seats in the front row. They sing What Makes You Beautiful,One thing and many others but I noticed when they were singing the first two Harry kept looking at me, I hoped it was a good sign. He would only look me in the eyes when he said "Thats what makes you beautiful","I'm dying just to know your name",and "Fall into my arms instead". I thought it was kind of sweet I asked Hannah id she noticed it too, and she said "Yeah he looks at you in such a loving way". After the concert we go backstage and Harry walks straight up to me and says can I know your name now beautiful? I just stood there smiling like an idiot,but I couldn't help it Harry Styles just called me beautiful! I say "Kayla I have dreamed of meeting you all my life you don't know how much I love you. "Well, I love me too."Harry says then he laughs and says "Just kidding I love you too." "I like you we should hang out sometime",Harry says. I scramble my mind trying to say yes I just got asked out by Harry Styles, Oh my gosh! I say yes of course!,with a smile. I get his number and give him a hug then say "Come on Hannah" and drag her out while she stares and Louis with a dazed face. Everyone laughs then I say "bye harry!" Kiss him on the cheek and leave, as he turns bright red.

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