Believe In Love (Harry styles story)

Kayla and her best friend Hannah were just normal teenage girls from a small town who were constantly talking and obsessing over One Direction. They thought that they would never meet them, their dreams would never come true, and it was all fake. Little did they know things were about to change, and fast.


4. I don't want to leave you

I Hear a knock at the door and answer it "Hey Harry" I smile and sit on the couch with him just staring at him.I say I sent Hannah to go see Louis she shouldn't be back for a while I  laugh then he says "You know your the most beautiful girl i have seen?" I blush and fall into his arms I can NEVER stop loving you harry i have loved you all my life. Harry holds me in his arms smiling he says"You're mine now" I say but Harry I cant do long distance! "Starts crying into his chest I dont want to leave you! "You don't have too." I would give up anything for you even music I will come back with you,I wouldn't give you up for anything! I love you I realize we just met but i feel such i strong bond with you."Harry says. Really? you would come back with me?" I love you Harry i always will thats a promise" I say. He wipes my tears and leans in slowly to kiss me. I can feel my heart pounding I'm just gonna go for it i have been waiting for this moment my whole life. As soon as our lips touch all i want is more his kiss is so sweet he pulls away and so do I. I smile at him the biggest smile ever. "That was the best kiss I have ever had in my life!" He laughs "You haven't seen anything yet" he locks his arms around me "you're all mine now!" He starts tickling me and I'm laughing really hard H-H-Harry-S-S-Stop(laughs) I get away and he starts chasing me around. He catches me and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and I'm laughing and Hannah walks in and I'm like "hey Hannah!" (laughing) Harry put me down! (laughing) we sit on the couch and Harry pulls me into his arms and I tell Hannah everything and she just looks at me shocked afraid of what she might think i hide my face in Harry's chest as he plays with my hair.

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