Makenzie Rose is the new girl in town. She leaves her home because her dad abuses her and her mom has gone missing. She flys to Cheshire with her best friend, Kelsey and has barley any money. Until one day when she meets someone who will change her life forever.


8. Texting

Story change:
Mackenzie has tan skin and light brown hair. 


Mackenzie POV:
  "Thanks for sticking up for me Harry" I say waiting for Mo and Louis to pull up our cars. "No problem" He says with a smirk. Morgan pulls up and I hop in the passenger seat. Louis drives up behind us and Harry gets in. Soon the other three boys come out of nowhere and get in the back. I turn around and Harry's smiling at me. I smile back and turn back around. Morgan giggles to herself. "What?" I ask confused
      "Mackenzie, your in love." Morgan says like it obvious. "No I'm not" I blush. "I can't love him, we only met today". Morgan rolls her eyes and sings "I know we only met but let's pretend it's love". Now I'm the one who's rolling her eyes. "Your annoying" I say jokingly. "Love you" Mo says sticking her tongue out at me. 


"Time to eat" Morgan calls from the kitchen. I'm so glad Mo can cook. That's what she's in uni for. We had to transfer schools due to the unofficial move. Now that I think about it, I'm 19 so it is legal for me to move out anyways.  We sit at our small table and eat our dinner. "This is amazing Mo" I say in awe. She blushes and starts talking about everything from the airport to now. I zone out when I notice I have a text from Harry. We begin to chat for a while until I hear Morgan coughing to get my attention. "Do you agree?" Morgan asks smirking. "Yeah totally" I say trying covering up. "Nice try" She says picking up her plate. "Darn" I say. "It wa Harry wasn't it?" She asks. "Yeah" I sigh. "Your so cute" She chuckles putting my plate in the sink. "I wasn't done!" I say running to get my food. "No time to listen, to time to eat" She says walking into the living room. I groan and follow her out there. I countinue texting Harry. 

  "Kenz, I think we should go to bed" Harry sends. Isn't it only 8? I look at the clock and see it's 1:12. 

  "Weve been talking for a long time" I send back. 

  "Night, love. Get some rest! :)" 

"Night Harry"

With that I walk into my room and crawl into a ball in my bed. This day was fantastic....





I UPDATED GUYS!:) I'm off school for awhile so I'll take a break from Wattpad to update this because I love you guys 

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