Makenzie Rose is the new girl in town. She leaves her home because her dad abuses her and her mom has gone missing. She flys to Cheshire with her best friend, Kelsey and has barley any money. Until one day when she meets someone who will change her life forever.


3. Strange Encounters

     "Watch out!!!" Morgan yelled. I turned around and ran into something hard. I fell to the ground and heard someon groan next to me. "Ouch" I heard Mo say, wincing. As I was about to get up, I felt someone grab my arms and helped me up. "Are you okay, love?" A boy with a british accent said. I looked up and in front of me stood THE Harry Styles from my sister's walls. I smiled and laughed.

"Why are you laughing? Do you know me?" he asked, bewildered.

"Yeah, sorry but it's just that I see your face plastered all over y sister's walls and now your standing right in front of. Oh man, she would be so jealous. My sister loves you." I said, giggling. He chuckled and picked up my phone. Before he gave it to me, i saw him add his number.

"So, what's your name?" he asked me.

"Makenzie" I mumbled, "but you can call me, Kenzie. I hate my name full name. 

"Really? I think it's a beautiful name. It suits you. Anyway, I need to head out. See you later, Kenzie."

After he was gone, I looked towards Morgan who was frozen in shock, her mouth wide open. "Close your mouth. You'll catch flies." I smirked and ran out of the store towards the food court, hearing Morgan behind me, panting and telling me to slow down. As soon as we reached the food court, my fun buzzed in my pocket. I took it out and saw that I had gotten a text from Harry.



from haz : do  you guys want to go out to lunch and eat with louis and me?

to haz: sure. where?

from haz: at the mall's food court. be there in 20 min 

To haz: Um, I am already here. Where r u?

from Haz: Oh, I see you. We r coming over. Wait there.

"Get ready,Mo. We are going to meet the rest of One Direction. Don't ask. Just do." I said. was wearing I looked toMorgan to see that she was hypervilerating and I had to calm her down by the time the other boys arrived. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Harry behind me and smiling.

"Hey" he said.

"Hey, yourself," I replied back as if we were old friends. I noticed that Mo has gained her breath,acting calm and began a conversation with the other boys. The rest went by in a blur and Mo and I were asked to go to the carnival with them. "Sure," I said.

Morgan and I went home after saying good bye to the boys to get ready. I put on waterproof mascura and lipgloss. I culrled my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I was wearing blue jeans and a red adn purple tank top with red toms. I went into the kitche n to get some water and saw Kelsey already ready. She was also wearing blue jeans and was wearing a red and blue tank top with identical red toms to match. Her hair was straight in a low ponytail. As soon as we were ready, a car honked and I saw that one direction were out by an black van with black, tinted windows. I turned to Mo. "How did they know where we lived?"

Morgan let out a  nervous laugh and grinned sheepishly. "Um, Harry texted while you were in the shower and I told him where we lived,"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Come on, Mo. Let's not keep them waiting'.We jumped into the car and WYMB came on. The boys started singing and Mo and I joined in." THAT'S WHAT MAKES U BEAUTIFUL" we all sang. Morgan and I both laughed when it all hit me. I quickly grabbed my phone and  texted Mo: dude were in a car with 1D !

 Morgan checked her phone. She read the text, looked at me and smiled.

We soon arrived at the carnival around fifteen minutes later. The boy jumped out of the van with us trailing soon after. After we got our tickets we all split up and tried different rides. Morgan was with Louis, Niall wandered to the food carts, Liam and Zayn went off somewhere, and I was alone with Harry. As Harry and I walked around the carnival, we chatted and found out that we had a lot in common. I soon saw a roller coaster that I had been dying to go on. I eventually convinced Harry to come on it with me. As we waited in line, I smiled to myself. This was going to be a fun night.






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