Makenzie Rose is the new girl in town. She leaves her home because her dad abuses her and her mom has gone missing. She flys to Cheshire with her best friend, Kelsey and has barley any money. Until one day when she meets someone who will change her life forever.


10. Roller Skating

Mackenzie POV: I wake up to Ed Sheerans angelic voice. I must have a text.. "Morning beautiful" Harry sent at 8:24. "Morning Harold" I reply and set down my phone on my bedside table. I get up and get dressed and my phone rings again. "Listen, I are about you Mackenzie. I know we met yesterday but ever since you ran into me yesterday, I couldn't stop think about you. All I'm asking is you going roller skating with me at noon? Just the two of us." Harry sends. My eyes get wide as I reread the message to make sure I'm not seeing things. I get butterflies jut thinking of Harry. Forget butterflies, I get the whole fucking zoo. Noon. That means I have two hours to get ready. Well, I already have on clothes so I'm good. Kidding. I am a girl you know. --- Harry honks and I walk out to his car. "You look nice" We say at the same time. "Harry, your pants are tighter than mine" I say looking at his outfit. He is wearing a white v neck, and skinny jeans. And I mean SKINNY jeans.. "Wow your nice" Harry says sarcastically. I smile proudly as we pull into the roller arena. We walk in and wait inline for our shoes. The man hands us our skates and I pull mine on and tie them tight. "I have to go pee. Wait for me" Harry says, whispering the last part. Goosebumps overtake my body when he whispers. I roll to the side of the track and carefully step on. I start to fall alittle and catch myself on the rail. I'll try to skate to the other wall. I move my legs forwards and back and start moving a bit. Half way there I slip and fall on my arse. I laugh at impact. I attempt to stand up and fall back down. I laugh once again. I get up hesitantly this time. I start to skate again. I'm sorta getting the hang of it. "Don't fall love" Harry whispers from behind me. I jump and lose balance. I land on my butt and wimper with pain. "Fuck you Styles" I say looking up at him. I try to stand up and I fall again. I need to learn to stand up better. Harry bursts out laughing. He laughs so hard he falls right by me. He stops laughing, we look at each other, then start laughing together. He stands up and pulls me up after. We skate by each other and I say "These kids make me feel pathetic" Watching them skate with ease. Harry laughs at my remark and we go on skating. Harry slowly slips his hand in mine and squeezed it. I look I've to him an he's smiling at me. We skate a bit more until I mess my footing up and slip. I expect the hard thump but all feel is two strong arms holding me up. "Day one and your already falling for me" Harry says with a smile, our faces inches apart. He presses his lips against mine. It feels like we are the only two people in the world. We pull apart and I say "Kissing on the first date are we now?" "I guess I couldn't resist" Harry says with a laugh. We continue skating by everyone. This little kid came flying by running straight into me. I fly on to my back and Harry turns around worriedly. "Ouch" I say. Harry kneels down and picks me up bridal style. I really hope he doesn't fall. Everyone is watching us now. He sits me down on a nearby bench. "Are you okay?" He asks anxiously. "I think my butt is bruised" I laugh. "I'll check that another time" He says with a wink. "Cheeky bastard" I say rolling my eyes. Harry seems to take things quick and It's actually kinda weird. "I'm alittle rusty on the skates I guess" I admit. "Alittle" He scuffs. I slap his arm playfully. He chuckles. Why do we always laugh and smile? "That kid was better than you" Harry says sticking his tongue out. I try my hardest not to smile or laugh. "Babe, you look constipated." Harry snorts. "That's disgusting" I say scrunching my nose. "Awe" He says poking my nose. "Harry!" I say slapping his hand. "What?" He jumps. "Stop being happy" I say looking at him. "Sorry" He says in a high pitched voice and raises his hands in defense. --- We pull into my apartment complex and I turn to Harry. "Thank you Harry for taking me. I had an amazing time" "No problem klutz" Harry says. I stick my tounge out at him and get out of the car. "See ya Styles" and close the door behind me. I smile and wave and he rolls down his window "Stop being happy Mackenzie". I roll my eyes and walk in the apartment building. This smile has not left my face. I walk in our apartment and hear shuffling in Morgans room. I plop down on the couch and Morgan yells "How was the date?" "Perfect" I whisper to myself... ~~~~ Hey guys I thought this chapter was kinda cute/entertaining. Please comment suggestions/comments/thoughts!:) I accept Negitave comments

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