Makenzie Rose is the new girl in town. She leaves her home because her dad abuses her and her mom has gone missing. She flys to Cheshire with her best friend, Kelsey and has barley any money. Until one day when she meets someone who will change her life forever.


2. Airport


                                                                    Makenzie's P.O.V

Beep! Beep! I woke up quickly and turned my alarm clock. I waited for  few seconds to make sure I did not wake up the Wicked Wizard of the West. I slipped out the door so my so called "dad" wouldn't hear me. I ran to Morgans house, and her mom drove us to the airport. we said our good-byes and went inside the airport. Morgan looked at me "are you ready?" she asks me. I nod not wanting to talk. We were going in security as i felt a weird feeling about this. Will our flat be okay? Will we have enough money to last? Questions were buzzing through my head. I started shaking. "you okay, babe" I nod but she can tell i'm not. "really whats up?" She asks. " I'm just scared what my dad will do when he finds out i'm gone? "He wont do anything" she said rubbing my back. "what about Jessica, my baby sister? she's alone with that ....that monster," I said starting to cry. "she'll be fine " she said.we sat the awkwardly until we heard "PLANE TO CHESHIRE NOW BOARDING!" We sat down and soon we both fell asleep.

Soon enough we were here. we walked out  and got out luggage not saying a word. We got a rental car and drove to our new flat. As we trudged up the steps, I noticed our new nieghbor's house's lights were still on. It looked like a party was happening. Who in their right mind would have a party this late? Apparently, Morgan was thinking the same thing. "Who in hell is having a party this late?? I mean, seriously! It 1:00 in the BLOODY morning!" I had to sniffle a giggle as she ranted on in Spanish. Did i forget to tell you she 60% hispanic. Well, she is. Anyway, the flat was completely furnished. we unpacked and checked out each others room. After admiring the rooms, I sighed and and went to my room as  Morgan went into her room. Before i knew it, I was

out like a light.


"Hey, Makenzie, want to go to the mall?" asked Kelsey. It was noon and we were both bored. I thought about it and nodded. We did need more clothes. We got in the car and drove off. We saw a souvenir shop with One Direction stuff. Me, being the ultimate One Direction fan and knowing Jessica's birthday is coming up, stopped the car and ran in, ignoring Morgan's pleas for me to wait. I ran i and bought the one direction T-shirt and the new album. As I got back in the car, Morgan looked at me like I had gone to a mental hospital and escaped within two minutes. "what, it's for Jess" I said. We laughed and were driving again. A few minutes later, we have arrived to the mall. We walked into the mall and we started running to our favorite store. Mo looked at me and said "Remember when we went to build-a-bear when we were little?"

"Yes! Lets go" I practiclly screamed. We both made out own bears and we started giggling. I started walking backwards while talking to Mo when she suddenly yelled, "watch out!"


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