The Boy Who Promised *sequel*

She's gone. Brianne is dead. Hit and killed by a drunk driver. Harry isn't taking it well, nobody is, but Harry and Tanya are taking it the worst. The accident was only two short months after the boys won the X-Factor as One Direction. Nobody saw it coming, how could they? Bree's family couldn't even press charges because it was a hit and run.

Life goes on, uneventful and dull. Nothing's the same without Brianne. Everyone who knew her missed her. Tanya doesn't talk to anyone except Niall anymore; and even then she's like a zombie. Staring blankly at the wall. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, and she barely ever moves.

But when one day a mysterious and strangely familiar girl enrolls at UAL, everything seems to change. Tanya begins to open up. She even drags her new friend to a One Direction concert.

Harry picks her out, he knows there's something familiar about her. Something so obvious that she's hiding away.


3. Who's Worse Off

   “I just miss her so much, y’know?”

   “Yes love, I understand, but you must take care of yourself,” Niall murmurs sternly, “she wouldn’t want you starving yourself. She’d want you to at least try to move on. It’s been two weeks for crying out loud!”

   “Two weeks? Is that what it’s been? Feels like it’s been years.”

   My eyes don’t leave the framed portrait hanging on the wall; they haven’t for apparently two weeks. Though it feels like it’s been much longer. I just can’t believe she’s gone; I can’t wrap my head around it. Only two weeks ago, I was going to school with my best friend. Only two weeks ago, she was hanging out with me backstage at a One Direction concert. Only two weeks ago, I received a call saying she was hit and killed in a car crash. The police told us that her car was struck by a drunk driver, forcing her off a bridge. It landed in a river, where it exploded. Causes of the explosion are unknown, but they weren’t able to collect any traces of her body in the ruble. Not even a blood sample because it had all been washed away with the water. We couldn’t even press charges; authorities had no suspects or witnesses.

   I feel Niall’s strong hand grip my shoulder, his rough fingers pressing firmly into my skin, “That’s not the point Tanya. The point is that you’re not eating or showering or moving!”

   “You just don’t get it!” I snap, my eyes finally rip away from the photo and burn into his bright blue eyes, “You don’t know what it’s like to lose someone this close to you! No one does!”

   “See, that’s where you’re wrong. I’ve practically lost one of the only things that matters to me anymore!” he hollers back.

   I can feel my blood beginning to boil, my voice raises to match his, “Yeah? What’s that?”

   “You dammit!” tears begin to form in his eyes from sorrow or rage, possibly both, I’m not sure, “You never leave your room anymore! You don’t eat! You barely talk to me! You don’t do anything but stare at that bloody picture!”

   “Niall, please calm down, I’m sorry-”

   “No!” he cuts me off, “Have you ever even thought about what other people might be going through?! What Harry is going through?! He’s worse off than you! He hasn’t talked to anyone! He’s locked himself in our bathroom and hasn’t come out.”

   “What is the press saying?” I murmur.

   He lets out a long breath, when he speaks again his voice is just above a whisper, “The press doesn’t know anything about this. Management told them that the boys and I are on a spur of the moment vacation. Simon paid UAL to post pone classes until further notice, all students have been forced to go home so that no one will see us. We have the entire school to ourselves.”

   I simply nod. I have nothing else to say.

   Niall rubs my knee for a moment then murmurs, “Liam, Zayn, and Louis are in the lounge right now if you want to go see them. Maybe you could even go talk to Harry.”

   “If Harry won’t even talk to Louis, he’ll sure as hell not talk to me. Plus, what am I supposed to say to any of them? I can’t comfort them. I can’t even comfort myself.”

   He sighs once again, “Fine, stay here. I’ll be back in an hour with something for you to eat.”


   Harry’s POV.

   The blood slowly slides down my arm. It drips into the now cold bath water, swirling and spreading until it fades. The skin on my wrists is already covered in dark red lines and gashes from past days. I can’t seem to stop, the sharp edges glide through my pale skin like butter. The feeling truly is addictive.

   I slide the shard of glass across my wrist again. One cut Brianne. Another cut for the boys. Another three cuts for Bree’s family. By now I know when to stop. Too many cuts lead to too much blood loss.

   I’m pulled from my thoughts when I feel warm tears gliding down my cheeks. I haven’t cried, I swore I wouldn’t cry.

   There’s a soft, tentative knock on the door, “H-Harry, can you talk to me please?”

   It’s Lou. Oh my poor BooBear, I can’t let him see me like this!

   We both stay silent for a moment, “Hazz, I know you’re in there, don’t ignore me.”

   I quickly stand from the tub, pull the drainage plug, and wrap my bleeding arms in thick towels. I slip into my dirty boxer shorts and take a seat on the edge of the counter, “L-Louis?” My voice is rough and scratchy, I’m not even sure if he heard me until I heard him banging on the door again.

   “Dammit Harry! Open this door!”

   I raise my voice slightly so he can hear me, “No Louis, I don’t want you seeing me like this!”

   I can hear the desperation laced in his voice, “Hazz, please! Just open the door; I need to know that you’re ok.”

   I let out an exasperated sigh, “Give me a second.”

   By now the cuts have stopped bleeding so I’m able to unwrap the towels. I hurriedly dispose of the soiled rags and wipe the dried blood off the rest of my body. Lazily I throw a long sleeve grey shirt over my head and slip a few bracelets on both of my wrists. Finally, I run my fingers through my matted hair and open the door.

   “Alright Lou are you-”

   My words are cut off when I feel Louis’ weight crash into me. His arms constrict around my waist, not letting me go. He’s wearing his classic red chinos and blue striped shirt; no suspenders today though. His hair is freshly washed and still damp, meaning it must be around ten in the morning. He still smells strongly of soap and body wash.

   “Ew Hazz, you’re stinky.” He complains bluntly, his nose crinkles up slightly, “You need a shower.”

   I can’t help but chuckle, “Yes Lou, I know.”

   His eyes roam over my face and body, making my wrists tingle slightly. I’m afraid he’ll find out, if he doesn’t know already. I’ve never been able to lie to him, not my best friend. He knows virtually everything about me. If he asks I’m sure to crack, everything will come tumbling out. All of the unshed tears and forbidden emotions. The secrets I don’t want anyone to know.

   Finally he speaks up, “Harry, talk to me.”

   “What’s there to talk about?”

   “I’m not going to act like I haven’t noticed the bracelets. Nor am I going to pretend that I didn’t hear you break that mirror four days after you locked yourself in this hell hole. I know what you’re doing Harry, I don’t like it but I’m trying to accept it and I want to help you through it.”

    He knows, there’s no trying to deny it now, “I-I don’t n-need h-help Lou. I just miss her.”

   “I know you miss her Hazz, we all do.” He murmurs as he pushes the door shut, “But don’t you dare say you don’t need help, when I can see the pain in your eyes.”

   “What do you want me to do?”

   “First of all, I want you to take off your shirt.” He declares, “I’m going to get you cleaned up.” 

   There you go! :) First chapter is officially posted! I'm sorry if there are some mistakes, I haven't had a chance to edit it quite yet, but PLEASE don't forget to tell me what you think!

   What do you think should happen next?

     - Madi

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