The Boy Who Promised *sequel*

She's gone. Brianne is dead. Hit and killed by a drunk driver. Harry isn't taking it well, nobody is, but Harry and Tanya are taking it the worst. The accident was only two short months after the boys won the X-Factor as One Direction. Nobody saw it coming, how could they? Bree's family couldn't even press charges because it was a hit and run.

Life goes on, uneventful and dull. Nothing's the same without Brianne. Everyone who knew her missed her. Tanya doesn't talk to anyone except Niall anymore; and even then she's like a zombie. Staring blankly at the wall. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, and she barely ever moves.

But when one day a mysterious and strangely familiar girl enrolls at UAL, everything seems to change. Tanya begins to open up. She even drags her new friend to a One Direction concert.

Harry picks her out, he knows there's something familiar about her. Something so obvious that she's hiding away.


4. Meeting The Boys. Again.

   “Thank you very much!”

   I flash a smile at the perky blonde flight attendant as she helps me load my bag into the overhead shelves. Her bright blue eyes sparkle as she returns a warm smile, “You’re very welcome Miss. Myers.”

   I lower myself into the comfortable seat closest to the window and slip my ear buds in. The Fray blares in my ears and I relax deeper into my chair. My stalker has me flying home in 1st class. That’s right, home. I’m finally going home. I even get to go back to school!

   “Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to take off. Please remain seated and fasten your seat belt until further notice. We also ask that all electronic devices are turned off and put away until we have taken off. Thank you for flying with Britain Airlines.”


   “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but the campus is off limits until further notice,” the security guard mutters, “I would be happy to call you a cab to the local motel.”

    I’m standing at the gates of UAL campus. The sounds of birds chirping and lawn mowers fill the air. I can smell the flowers in the garden too. Everything is just the way I remember it, nothing has changed. I catch a glimpse of my dorm over the man’s shoulder.

   “Please, there must be something you can do.” I plea, suddenly desperate, “I have just been on a plane for over three hours. I have nowhere to go and no money for a hotel.”

   The man sighs and examines me for a moment, “What’s your name?”

   “Elora, Elora Myers. I’m an exchange student from Scotland.”

   “Oh yes, we’ve been expecting you.” his face suddenly brightens as he unlocks the gate and begins leading me toward my dorm, “Right this way please.”

   I have to speed walk to keep up with him, “What do you mean? Who told you I was coming?”

   “I don’t have access to that sort of information.” he says, clearly not intending on telling me anything else.

   He leads me quickly through the familiar hallways until we reach a brown door. I have to choke back a sob as I read the golden number nailed to the chestnut wood. It’s my old room, the room I shared with Tanya.

   “This is your room; I trust you have a key. I’ll leave you to your unpacking.” He gives me a final smile and leaves just as quickly as he arrived.

   I stand facing the door for a few moments. It’s like my brain can’t function. Suddenly the door flies open and I’m faced with the blued eyed, blonde haired boy I thought I would never see again. He looks different from when I remember him though, more tired looking. His hair falls naturally over his forehead and slightly over his eyes, no gel. His classic red polo is clean, but visibly wrinkled.

   “Oh, hello love, can I help you?” he greets with a forced smile.

   “N-no actually,” I stutter, “I’m Elora, I’m Tanya’s new roommate.”

   Niall’s eyebrows rise in surprise, “Oh? Alright then, come on in I guess.”

   I follow him into the large and familiar dorm room. Everything is the same as I remember, not a thing has changed. Not even my old stuff. My pictures still hang on the walls, my shoes still litter the front hallway, and my jacket still hangs in the front closet. As he helps me move my bags into the room he whistles an unfamiliar tune. He seems happy enough, but there’s something off. Something’s wrong.

   “Tanya is…occupied, for lack of a better word.” Niall murmurs as he glances into the other room, probably making sure she’s there.

   “May I see her?” I choke down the nervous lump making its way up my throat.

   “I don’t think that’s a great idea at the moment.” he mutters, “Why don’t I introduce you to some of the other people staying here. You can meet Tanya later.”

   Suddenly Tanya is standing in the doorway, her eyes brimmed with tears, “I know that voice.” she whispers, “I know that voice!”

   Niall quickly glances at me with an apologetic look in his eyes, “I’ll be right back..”

   I watch as he carefully guides Tanya back into the room. His touch is delicate and careful, almost hesitant. He doesn’t want to hurt her. He’s worried. It’s written all over his face. The worry and the will to care for her. My mind wanders back to Harry. He used to treat me like that, with the same tenderness and love. I remember the love in his eyes when he looked at me. The intensity of his gaze when we pulled apart from our first kiss. Tears well up in my eyes, he’ll never look at me like that again.

   Niall rushes over at the sight of my tears, “Hey don’t cry, it’s not your fault. She’s just been a little frazzled since her friend… since her friend died.”

    Something in his voice made it sound like ‘frazzled’ was an understatement, but I didn’t comment on it. I let him guide me back into the hall and toward the lounge. Niall glances at me a few times, as if he wants to say something but then thinks better of it. Only adding to my curiosity.

   Before I can ask him about it he speaks up, “Now you can’t freak out or anything.”

   “Why would I freak out?” I ask, giggling slightly at the oddness of his question.

   He stops as we near the end of the hallway, “Just promise me you won’t. We’re all going through a pretty rough time right now, hence why there isn’t anyone here. I’m actually surprised they let you in.” his eyebrows knit together as he thinks, “Wait, do you know who I am? Shouldn’t you have already feinted or something by now?”

   I laugh at his confusion, “I’m actually not that much of a fan. Sorry to burst your bubble,” I lie.

   He fakes a wounded expression and laughs. It’s the first time I’ve heard his laugh in a long time. He seems to think the same because he looks slightly surprised by it, “Well, let me introduce you to the rest of the boys.”

   I follow him into the modern looking lounge. The cream coloured carpets and walls accent the chocolate brown furniture perfectly. The same boring but colourful paintings hang on the walls and the same faux flowers are perched in the middle of the coffee table. The smell of fresh tea fills the room from the tea pot in the small kitchen area.

   Everything is oddly quiet except the television at the far end of the room.  Zayn and Liam are sitting silently watching what looks to be re-runs of The Walking Dead. They look so different. Liam’s hair is cut short, almost buzzed but not quite. Zayn looks, thinner somehow, his hair isn’t styled or tousled like usual either. They’re both wearing tight fitting t-shirts and long plaid pajama pants.

   Niall clears his throat loudly to get their attention, “Guys, this is Elora. She’s Tanya’s new roommate.”

   I offer a shy smile and greet them both. Earning hello’s from each of them. Liam, being a gentleman, quickly gets up and offers to pour the four of us some tea, which I happily accept.

   Niall takes no time to claim a couch opposite Zayn, “Where’s Louis by the way?”

   “He went to check up on Harry a while ago.” Zayn murmurs, eyes still trained on the television, “I don’t know what’s taking him so long.”

   “Maybe Harry decided to finally talk to someone.” Liam says with a small smile, his eyes full of hope.

   I sit silently, listening to their conversation. Their once happy and playful banter is gone. The joyfulness in their voices is replaced by dullness and pain. They seem to be operating on auto pilot. Not really focusing on what they’re doing but doing it anyway.

   Liam notices my silence and smiles at me softly, “I’m sorry, you mustn’t have a clue what’s going on right now.”

   “No, I do,” I murmur between sips of warm tea, “I’m very sorry for your loss.”

   Oh, the irony of the situation. I’m apologizing for my own death. If only they knew. If only I could tell them, tell them that everything is ok. That I’m not dead. That they’re being deceived by a psychotic fan that was jealous of my relationship with Harry.

   Footsteps sounding in the hallway pull me from my thoughts. The four of us turn to find Louis saunter into the room. His sad eyes travel over the boys and land questioningly on me, “Well hello babe, what’s your name?”

   I smile at his familiar voice and almost giggle to myself at his signature outfit. Classic Louis. Niall introduces me before I’m able to speak, “This is Elora, Tanya’s new roommate.”

   Louis’ smile slips slightly, “Roommate? I thought classes are postponed.”

   “They are,” I say before Niall can interrupt, “I’m an exchange student from Scotland. I didn’t realize classes were postponed before it was too late but the guard at the door let me in anyway.”

   More footsteps echo in the hall, capturing everyone’s attention. Harry’s tall figure stumbles into the room, earning inaudible murmurs from all the boys. The room is silent as his eyes slowly scan the room and lock on mine.     

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