The Boy Who Promised *sequel*

She's gone. Brianne is dead. Hit and killed by a drunk driver. Harry isn't taking it well, nobody is, but Harry and Tanya are taking it the worst. The accident was only two short months after the boys won the X-Factor as One Direction. Nobody saw it coming, how could they? Bree's family couldn't even press charges because it was a hit and run.

Life goes on, uneventful and dull. Nothing's the same without Brianne. Everyone who knew her missed her. Tanya doesn't talk to anyone except Niall anymore; and even then she's like a zombie. Staring blankly at the wall. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, and she barely ever moves.

But when one day a mysterious and strangely familiar girl enrolls at UAL, everything seems to change. Tanya begins to open up. She even drags her new friend to a One Direction concert.

Harry picks her out, he knows there's something familiar about her. Something so obvious that she's hiding away.


2. Congratulations (A/N)

   I'm sorry! This isn't a chapter update, but it's a very important authors note!

   First of all, we would like to congratulate ours winners, Mrs.Stylenson and KBeau! You have both won a character in the story! :) Please leave a comment on any of our blogs or on this story, listing your name and any other details you might like us to add.

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