Over again


7. Chapter 7- Harry's POV

"Its either Sammi or the baby boy." the doctor told me.

"Keep Sammi alive...she has so much to experience." I said, as tears threatened to fall.

"What so you can do this again to her?" he asked a bit rudely.

"Listen here. She was practically raped, this was not my fault!" I said as my fists clenched together. Then Zayn walked inside with a girl by his side.

"Ya by you maybe." the doctor mumbled.

"Harry...please dont." I heard Sammi whisper, her voice barely audible as the doctor began to do his thing by taking the baby out of her. He looked so adorable (the baby of course)...its so sad when we have to put him to sleep cause he couldnt breathe right.

"Keep Alex...kill me." Sammi said as her eyes widdened and sat up immediantly, wishing she hadnt.

"Sammi, you have so much to live for...he cant survive. We can always try again sometime." I said as I pulled her into my arms when I sat down besides her.

"Hey can I speak to Sammi alone please?" I heard someone ask...and that someone was...Zayn.

"No...you are already with some other chick." I said, as Sammi let out a sob.

"I looked for her for like...2 months and couldnt find her. So I..." he said.

"Moved on." I finished for him.

"Ok guys...I need to speak with Sammi alone please then you can take her home." the doctor said. We nodded then walked out, soon as we closed the door...we heard a scream...not just any scream but Sammi's scream. I rushed back inside only to find blood all over her upper half of the body.

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