Over again


4. Chapter 4- Zayn's POV

I was sitting at home trying to fix my hair when Sammi and Liam came in, with tear streaked faces.

"Woa, whats going on?" I asked.

"Sammi is pregnant," Liam began "and your the father." Sammi finished. Wait, so im the father of her baby? Cool...I need to get back with Sammi and fast. But wait isnt she dating Liam?

"Thats great, but isnt Liam your boyfriend?" I questioned Sammi.

"You guys need to get back together." Liam said as he walked away leaving me and Sammi to ourselves.

"Zayn look, I miss you like hell." Sammi said as we both stepped closer to each other.

"I miss you too babe..." I said as I started to kiss her, my hands making their way to her ass as her hands were tangled into my hair, I will have to fix that later haha.

"I dont think the whole situation that happened 8 months ago was that bad, maybe that was a sign..." I murmered against her lips.

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm...I want you." she murmered back.

"I know, your not the only one, I want you but your pregnant and we'll have to wait until your baby is out...is the baby a boy or girl?" I questioned.

"A boy..." she replied as I laid her down on the bed allowing my hands to experience her body, like what happened 8 months ago.

"Zayn....dont stop." she pleaded.

"Why would I want to?" I asked with a smirk.

"Your so typical." she replied as she rummaged her hands across my abs.

"What are you planning for the babys' name?" I asked as I laid down next to her, feeling her stomach.

"It's up to you." she replied.

"How about...Alex?" I asked.

"Thats what I was thinking! Zayn?" she questioned.

"Ya?" I asked.

"I love you, I dont know why I let you go like I did." she replied.

"That was my mistake sweety. Remember I had a choice between X-Factor and you? I was so stupid to let you go." I responded.

"But I could have went with you." she objected, man she needs to stop stressing out.

"Stop stressing out babe." I demanded.

"I need pickles." she randomly said.

"Ahaha the cravings...haha ya I will get you them. Be back in a minute sweety." I said as I walked out of the room and came face to face with Harry.

"So your sneaking with my lady late at night eh?" he questioned.

"She isnt your lady." I said as I walked away, weirdo. I quickly grabbed the pickles and went up in my room, to find Sammi was gone.

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