Over again


3. Chapter 3- Sammi's POV

While Jay was checking my stomach out, I heard a big *BANG* but Liam held me down on the bed. When we were finally finished I found out that it was just natural for this. Liam, Jay, and I headed out of the room...and came face to face with a bloody mess...like litterly blood splattered everywhere...but not just anyone's blood my dad's and grandpa's blood..I always thought my grandpa was a creep so I thought it was a relief he was dead. I started crying at the sight, falling to my knees. I just needed to hear his voice one last time.

*Dear Sammi, Baby girl I love you forever and always, you guys are going to be great parents...and I already know that you are blessed with a great child, love always...daddy*

I heard his voice ring through my ears.

"I love you too daddy." I whispered as I clutched onto the chair I was next to.

"Sammi, im so sorry..." Liam and Jay said as they made there way down besides me.

"Baby Malik..." I said without thinking.

"Malik?" Liam asked. Then remembering all of what happened...parts coming back to me the torture that I have been through.

"Sammi...tell me please." Liam pleaded.

"Before you and I were together I remember me and Zayn dating...the same guy told me that I had to do it with Zayn...and well thats why he looked so much like Zayn...I never stopped loving Zayn and I still love him." I replied as I looked at the ground, the last part wasnt supposed to come out but it did anyway.

"Maybe we should just be friends...it would be better for us. Lets get you and Zayn back together." Liam said as he helped me to my feet as tears poured down my face like never before.  

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