Heart Attack

Hannah Golding was the victim of bulling by the one and only Liam Payne he may be a sweetie now but he wasn't back then also at the school Hannah went to was Niall Horan he was Liam's best friend and now when Hannah is invited to a back stage meet with one direction will things go well?


2. Years later

Me and my gals together on a night out in the city wooooo hooooo! Party time! Just me , lily , heather Emma together oooooohhh yea ahhhh like a boss! As we get there lily stops us all before we go in the club. "You guys ready for a surprise? Well guess who's here one direction!!!" Oh know hell no god no no no no. Not them. Niall and Liam are in one direction! Breath breath... Act cool. as Niall Liam Zayn Louis and Harry walk out I see niall looking at me confused then smerk at me but Liam just stairs. I get those nervy butterfly's in my belly. I blink in silence. "Hannah? Is that you?" Liam and Niall say in unison...
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