Heart Attack

Hannah Golding was the victim of bulling by the one and only Liam Payne he may be a sweetie now but he wasn't back then also at the school Hannah went to was Niall Horan he was Liam's best friend and now when Hannah is invited to a back stage meet with one direction will things go well?


6. Up all night.

We danced all night long he said at about 00:00 "what is your number?" I said "07364546434" we also had a huge convosation " you wanna come down to my house for like a cuppa or some thing?" He said I replied "sure that would be nice!" We said our goodbyes and he drove us home in his fancy car.when we got there he sat on his sofa and patted the spot next to him and of course i sat there. We had a big convosation I cryed he cryed, I laughed he laughed then we watched a bit of TV. Then I fell asleep... On his arm!!
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