Heart Attack

Hannah Golding was the victim of bulling by the one and only Liam Payne he may be a sweetie now but he wasn't back then also at the school Hannah went to was Niall Horan he was Liam's best friend and now when Hannah is invited to a back stage meet with one direction will things go well?


3. Ok well... Ok.

"Yeah..." I said looking down. "Wait you know her?!?! Oh hi Hannah!!" Zayn said. I nodded. "We used to go to school together and I had a best friend named Liam... OH IT WAS YOU LIAM!!!!" Niall and Liam giggled like a bunch of girls.
"Where you like bf and gf?" Louis asked " no..." Liam said
A tear fell down my cheek. Heather and Emma knew why I was crying because they were there and helped me through it all.

She was even mor beautiful than I remember I lied about the Halloween mask the first time. It was Liam's idea he hated her. She's so beautiful with a tight red dress with the top cut low.
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