Heart Attack

Hannah Golding was the victim of bulling by the one and only Liam Payne he may be a sweetie now but he wasn't back then also at the school Hannah went to was Niall Horan he was Liam's best friend and now when Hannah is invited to a back stage meet with one direction will things go well?


5. Hay been a long time right?

I was siting aloan un till a shadow came up to me and said " long time huh?" It was niall. Up close he is quite fit! But I can't forgive him for what they did to me... FLASHBACK
"I got a A+ on my math test!" I squeezed Emma because I was really hoping for a B- or over. "NERD!" Liam chanted over and over again. Soon niall joind and then everyone. I ran and ran as fast as I could untill I tripped over my feet and fell flat on my face. I had only ran about 2m but it felt like 100. Everyone was laughing then a blond boy came up and looked scared and worried I couldn't really see who it was because my eyes went fuzzy then I blacked out.
It was niall, it was, god I doubted him all this time.it was him.
I replied to his question"yeah sure has..." I just smiled at the grownd. "Um I know it's kind of wierd but do you want to dance..I mean if its ok if it's not thats ok..." He mumbled I just laughed at him because he was really nervous. Then he smiled and said " miss Golding may I escort you to the dance floor?"
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