Heart Attack

Hannah Golding was the victim of bulling by the one and only Liam Payne he may be a sweetie now but he wasn't back then also at the school Hannah went to was Niall Horan he was Liam's best friend and now when Hannah is invited to a back stage meet with one direction will things go well?


1. High school

It was the last few days of my school years and I wasn't looking forward to it because of Liam and Niall... Let me explain. I was a year 10 when it started. The Liam Payne and Niall Horan well they weren't famous like they are now they kind of bullied me well ill tell the story now.
"Hay Hannah! Move it you in my space!" Liam screamed at me. "No you move Liam." I just ignored him. "You don't wanna get me mad Hannah move!" Just then he pushed me of the table. "Ha Hannah ! Why are you still wearing you Halloween mask? Oh oops that's your face!" Niall said while I was crying on the floor. After that I started cutting . Liam moved away and niall was just a guy in the halls to me he would sometimes wink and smile at me but it meant nothing to me. It was even better because he auditioned for the x-factor.
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