Pinky Promise

hi guys this is my first movella so please no hate(: Falyn and Ava Jamison we not only sisters but they were best friends. And, they were HUGE directioners!One night they get to go backstage at a concert. Falyn and Ava are falling for the same boy.... and hes not sure which one hes falling for. Falyn and Ava pinky promised they would never let a boy get inbetween them. Will this love tear Falyn and Ava apart? Read to find out


5. Same Secrets


Avas P.O.V.

The boys just dropped us off from Nandos. It was fun. I couldnt help but notice Falyn making eyes at Harry. I decided that it was time to tell her. I put my pajamas on and walked into her room. "Hey girly." she said. "Hey I have to tell you something." "I have to tell you something too." she replied. "Ok lets blurt it out at the same time. Ready?" I asked her. "Ok...3,2,1 Go." "I like Harry." We said at the same time. Oh great.  I dont want Falyn to think its a competition now. "Oh haha.." she said. I couldnt tell if she was upset or just flat out angry. Maybe both. "Alright well i'll see you in the morning. G'night love ya." I said to her, changing the subject. "Yeah...Night." she replied.

Falyns P.O.V.

When Ava said she liked Harry I wasnt sure how I felt. I knew this was going to have to be talked out. Maybe I acted a little fishy about it to Ava. I just really want to... I guess you can say I had strong feelings for Harry. He was just so.. Classy. Humorous. Adorable.... Perect. I have stronger feelings for him than I ever did for Jacob. But then again, Jacob took my heart and tore it to pieces. I gave that boy everything I had and he gave me nothing. He cheated on me with some piece of shit girl and when I saw them kissing my heart was broken. No, it was shattered. Thinking of Jacob gave me headaches so I stopped and automatically another boy popped into my mind.... Harry.

Harrys P.O.V.

Ava, Falyn. Falyn or Ava. I knew I was going to have to make a desision sooner or later. They were both so gorgeous. Ive never fallen for someone this quick. Maybe im just caught up in the moment. I should try to figure them out more first. What do they like, where do they like to eat and stuff like that. A lot of people think im the kind of guy that sleeps with a different girl every night but in reality I would treat a girl like she  deserves to be treated. I would love her and care for her and be there when nobody else was. Girls are fragile. Your have to handle them gentely. boys usually can get over a heart break quicker but girls will sit in there room for weeks, cry into there pillow and eat ice cream all day. They say they'll never find love again. Stupid boys would play with a girls feelings and her heart. Real boys would be there to infinite. I know a lot about thins because some of the boys in Holmes Chapple were not the best lovers...

Zayns P.O.V.

I couldnt help but think of her... Falyn. She was beautiful. Gorgeous. I know we only met a few days ago but I wanted her to be mine. Her golden blonde hair fell about to her belly button and starinf into her eyes was like staring into the ocean. Her smile could brighten up anyones day. She was a valuable girl I could tell. I just dont know if she likes me back..

Louis P.O.V.

Today is literally the worst day ever. The love of my life (Eleanor) just dumped me. I gave her everyhting she could have asked for and she dumps me for some other guy in a band. Wow. I was just completely speechless. I am so heart broken but I cant let her see that it bothers me. I also kinda found myslef wondering about Ava. Her and Falyn were very sweet girls but Ava was so intruging. I wanted to know more about her. "Hey boobear. How are you?" Harry asked me. "Uhh I guess you can say im ok." "Alright well let us know if you need anything were here for you." said Liam. These boys were so helpful. I decided to get some sleep and before I knew it I was alseep.


heyy guys! Well we kinda got a love triangle/square thing going on. LOL. well I hope you guys like it so far and i'll try to update as soon as I can! (:

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