Pinky Promise

hi guys this is my first movella so please no hate(: Falyn and Ava Jamison we not only sisters but they were best friends. And, they were HUGE directioners!One night they get to go backstage at a concert. Falyn and Ava are falling for the same boy.... and hes not sure which one hes falling for. Falyn and Ava pinky promised they would never let a boy get inbetween them. Will this love tear Falyn and Ava apart? Read to find out


9. Out to dinner

Falyns P.O.V.

I was in my room listening to music when i heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I said. Harry came in. "Would you like to got out to dinner with me tonight?" Did Harry just ask me on a date?! "Of course id love to... Where are we going?" I asked. "Its a surprise... dont worry about what you wear its not that fancy.. we'll leave around 6:45." I was extatic. "alright see you soon." I was tearing all my close out of my closet and frantically looking for the perfect thing to wear."Perfect." I said to myself. I pulled out a ruffely black skirt and a loose button shiert and I would tuck in the ends. I put the outfit on and curled my hair. I put a white color eye shadow on and a clear lip gloss that made my lips shine. Tonight was going to e perfect.

Avas P.O.V.

What to wear...? I got it. A black skirt that had lace over top of the fabric and my yellow shirt that had lace sleeves. I Put my outfit on with a simple pair of black flats and let my hair fall naturally. I put on a skin color eeye shadow and some pink lipstick. I heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" I heard Falyn scream. She had some dressy close on and she looked beautiful. I listened. "Hi Harry!" Wha..? "You look beautiful! Ready to go?" Harry. It still hurt because I still love him. "ready." And with that the front door closed. A few minuted later there was another knock. "hello Lou!" "Hii love you look stunning !" He was such a gentle men. "Awh thanks... ready?" I asked. "Yup." We arrived at a resturaunt. it was beautiful. "Lou I think I underdressed.." I said with some concern. "NO babe you look fine."  We walked in and it was just as beautiful on the inside than it was on the outside. We got to our table and I saw something I necerwanted to see.. Falyn and Harry sitting at the table next to us.... kissing. "Excuse me.." I said to Lou trying not to let him hear the hurt in my vouice. I walked to the bathroom and cried and then cleeaned myself up. "Hi Lou. Sorry it took so long." I said putting on my fake happy voice. And when I knew Harry was looking, I grabbed Louis and kissed him and it felt good.

Louis P.O.V.

She was taking a while in the restroom. I was beggining to worry but then she came out. "Hi Lou. sorry it took so long." She said. We continued to eat our dinner and right before we were about to leave she kissed me. It felt magical.

Harrys P.O.V.

I wasnt sure if wha I saw hurt me oor madde me realize how much pain I had actually caused. Falyns kiss felt so right but Avas felt so good and... Maybe Ava was right. Maybe I am playing a love game and I didnt even know it.

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