Pinky Promise

hi guys this is my first movella so please no hate(: Falyn and Ava Jamison we not only sisters but they were best friends. And, they were HUGE directioners!One night they get to go backstage at a concert. Falyn and Ava are falling for the same boy.... and hes not sure which one hes falling for. Falyn and Ava pinky promised they would never let a boy get inbetween them. Will this love tear Falyn and Ava apart? Read to find out


6. I Knew You Were Trouble

Harrys P.O.V.

I woke up around 9:45 and went down for breakfast. The only ones that were up were me, Liam and Louis. Zayn and Niall would sleep forever if they could. I ate my breakfast, which was 2 pancakes, a piece of toast and an egg, then went back to my room to change. I picked out some dark grayish jeans with a plain white shirt and put on my white converse. Today we had plans with Falyn and Ava. We were going to starbucks then we were going to see a movie. House at the end of the street I believe is what its called.

*Few hours later*

We were leaving to pick the girls up. When we arrived at their house they came out and looked stunning. Soon we were at starbucks. Liam, Zayn and Louis sat at a table and me Ava, Falyn and Niall sat at a table near them. Ava went to use the restrom and niall was ordering a donut so I decided it was a good time to tell Falyn what I thought of her. "sooo..?" she said to me. "Falyn, I have something to say. I think you are very beautiful." that made her blush. "I really like you and-" I stopped when I saw Ava walking back. "we can talk later..?" she nodded her head. We finished our coffees and headed to the theater. It wasnt very busy. Niall sat at the end, then Ava, then me, then Falyn, then louis, then Zayin and finally, Liam. Falyn got up to order more popcorn. I offered to get it but she refused. I turned to Ava. "Ava... I think your gorgeous and I really like you." "Awh thnk you." she said. Her voice sounded higher than usual. "I really mean it. Here, we can talk later ok?" "Yeah sounds good." she replied. oh god Harry... what did you just do?!

Falyns P.O.V.

When Harry said that my heart skipped a beat. he liked me. Harry Styles liked me! I could just see it. Us. Being together. going on simple dates and talking about everything and anything. We would do everything thinkable and spend countless hours laughing about nothing. Suddenly I thought of someone who I used to do this with. Ava... I cant just replace her. I cant just forget about her like I did when I was with Jacob. I barely ever saw her. I cant let this happen again... But its Harry Styles..

Avas P.O.V.

Harry.Styles.Told.Me.He.Liked.Me. Breath Ava breathe. I was so exstatic I wanted to shout it to the world. "Hey Aves I have some news." Falyn just walkied into my room. "ok.." "Harry told me today um tha he uh kinda liked me..." wait what? Did that really just come out of her mouth. In a way I felt broken...betreayed. "Oh haha cause at the movies he told me that he really liked me too." I replied sounding almost like I was defending someone. "wait what?" she said. "Uh yeah... thats what he said." Icouldnt believe this. Falyn left my room and I texted Harry *Texting convo *

Ava: I should have known it was all fake.

Harry: Huh?

Ava: dont act like you dont know what im talking about. You told me I was beautiful and I actually believed you. For once I actually felt like a boy actually loved me.

Harry: Ava you are beautiful and  I do love you.

Ava: Yeah I bet your texting the same thing to Falyn right now.

Harry: Ava...

Ava: Forget it. I knew you were trouble. Falyns mad at me now and im all fired up. You can count me out if your still planning on going shopping tomorrow.

Harry: Ava I love you both. Thats why I told you both.

Ava: Save it. Next time your in this situation, dont say anything at all. It'll save a girls heart and a boys reputation.

*End of convo*

Harrys P.O.V.

I am a messed up piece of shit.

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