Pinky Promise

hi guys this is my first movella so please no hate(: Falyn and Ava Jamison we not only sisters but they were best friends. And, they were HUGE directioners!One night they get to go backstage at a concert. Falyn and Ava are falling for the same boy.... and hes not sure which one hes falling for. Falyn and Ava pinky promised they would never let a boy get inbetween them. Will this love tear Falyn and Ava apart? Read to find out


3. Food Fight

Avas P.O.V.

I woke up to laughing,screaming and baning. "what the heck?" I thought. I garabbed my phone and saw a text from Liam: Is it alright if we come over for a while? Where do you guys live?      Well, that answered my question. Liam probably texted Falyn. As I was walking down stairs I braced myself. Knowing Falyn and the boys, I wouldnt be surprised if the house was gone by the time they were all gone. I got down and saw food splattered every where. i heard a chorus of " Hi Ava" and " Good morning love" "What.. HAPPENED HERE?!" " Ava relax we were just having some fun!" said Falyn.  " You are ALL halping me with this when yout "fun" is over... but I cant resist" I took the ketchup and squirted everyone. I have to say, it was pretty fun. But its going to take terribly long to clean. We have to live while were young, right?

Harrys P.O.V.

When Ava came down she looked angry. She looked cute when she wa sangry. And Falyn looked like she was enjoying herself. She was so adorable with food all over her and she giggled a lot. I have to admit Ava and Falyn were both very attractive. They are also very very sweet and have a good sense of humor. I can see us becoming good friends with the Jamison Girls.

Falyns P.O.V.

When the boys texted me asking if they could come over I fangirled just a bit. I mean we are talking One Direction. I triend waking Ava up but I couldnt.Any way, when the boys got here we almost emediatlly started a food fight and it was awesome! Ava came down a few minutes after it started and half of her looked angry biut the other half looked exited. I knew she was going to have to join and she did. The fight lasted about 30 miutes and it took a while to clean up but we did it. After the mess was cleaned up me and Ava got dressed and headed out to starbucks. We had a fun time at starbucks. We got to meet Eleanor Calder, Louis girlfriend. She is so sweet and me and Ava have a lot in commom with her. The boys told us they wanted to take us to nandos at 6:00 so they dropped us off so we could get ready. This was  a fun day, but it wansnt over yet.

Liams P.O.V.

Falyn and Ava are the sweetest girls I have ever met. They totally dont fangirl and act all wierd around us and they are really funny. We offered to take them to Nandos and they agreed. I cant help but notice Harry stares at them quite a bit. Yes, they are pretty but could one of my best lads be falling for them? I just woukdnt want Harry to break their hearts and then we wouldnt talk anymore. Maybe I should talk to him about it...

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