Pinky Promise

hi guys this is my first movella so please no hate(: Falyn and Ava Jamison we not only sisters but they were best friends. And, they were HUGE directioners!One night they get to go backstage at a concert. Falyn and Ava are falling for the same boy.... and hes not sure which one hes falling for. Falyn and Ava pinky promised they would never let a boy get inbetween them. Will this love tear Falyn and Ava apart? Read to find out


1. The Promise

Falyns P.O.V.

"Falyn, promise me we will be best friends forever and we will never let a boy get in between us." said my best friend/sister Ava. " I promise." i said to her. Ava and I were inseperable. We were together 24/7. We were also huge directioners. And we were going to a concert in 3 days. We were sooooo exited. And better yet, we get to go backcstage! This was bound to be perfect.

Avas P.O.V.

I made my sister promise me we woukd never ever let a boy tear us apart like Jacob did. Jacob was Falyns old boyfriend that constentally took her out and i would barly ever see her. So I made her promise. But i dont ever want tothink of Jacob after what he did. He cheated on her with our arch enemy. Sarah.


sorry it was a SUPER short chapter but i hoped you likes it(: p.s. its a harry styles fan fic lol

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