That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


6. That Grade 9 Crush

Brooke's heart fluttered around in her stomach. Why hadn't Zayn kissed her? She hated to admit it, but she wanted him to.

"So, Brooke, would you like to come and watch a film at the cinema with me?"

"Uhm, sure." Brooke replied nervously. She hated how Zayn could be so smooth and never be nervous.

But on the inside, Zayn's emotions were everywhere. He liked her, but he thought Brooke didn't even like him as a friend. It took all of his willpower to not just run over to her, and hug and kiss her, apoligizing. He held himself back, and decided to start slow, just watching a scary film with her. Then Brooke would cuddle into him, and he'd have the small feeling of happiness in the pit of his stomach since Perrie broke up with him for her career.

The two drove in Zayn's car to the nearest cinema, and Zayn chose the film.

"Really? Cabin in the woods?" Brooke asked.

"Yes; I love horror movies. What, is little Brookie afraid?" Zayn says, tilting her chin up with his warm fingertips.

"No." Brooke mumbled, but inside, she was completly and utterly terrified.

Zayn chuckles and removes his hand from her face, instead lacing his fingers through hers. Brooke smiles a bit, and they walk into the theatre.

Zayn and Brooke sit at the very top, the entire row to themselves. A Pepsi commercial of Zayn and his bandmates from One Direction shows, and Zayn sinks in his seat.

"Aren't those your friends from that band?" Brooke asks, smiling at Zayn's embarrsment.

"So you did keep up with me." Zayn smirks.

"Nope. Do you think that since we're friends now.." Zayn cringed at 'friends'. He wanted to be so much more. "That maybe I can meet them?" Brooke finishes.

"Of course babe." "Don't call me babe!" Brooke whined.

"Shhh!" The man in front of them said as the movie began. Brooke stuck her tounge out at him when he turned around.

Brooke squirmed in her seat. She hated horror films. She cried when she was afraid, and now was not the time; right in front of her crush. Within just fifteen minutes, she was scared half to death and nearly in tears.

Zayn whispered in her ear, "Brooke, are you alright?" full of sencireity and concern.

She slowly nodded and gnawed on the inside of her cheek. Zayn raises his eyebrow, and Brooke shakes her head.

Zayn lifts up the arm rest, and scoots closer to her, snaking his hand around her waist, using his other hand to hold hers. "Don't be afraid," he whispered, "I'm here." Brooke leans her head on his shoulder, and buries her head in his neck when she was afraid.

The movie ended and suprisingly enough, she didn't cry, not even once. The two headed out of the cinema, Zayn's large hand in Brooke's small one.

It was about four P.M., so Zayn takes her to Starbucks, and they discuss- well, everything. One of their conversations end up on relationships.

"So, are you single?" Zayn asks cheekily, with a grin.

"Yes Zayn, I am." Brooke giggles. "And you, Mr.Malik?" She asks, poking his cheek.

"Yes; I actually just got out of a relationship." "Oh... what happened?"

"Well Perrie broke up with me, because she wanted to work more on her career."

"Wait, Perrie? Perrie Edwards?" Brooke asked; she loved her band.

"Yeah, why?"

"I love Little Mix!" Zayn chuckled, "That's cool. So, who was your last boyfriend?"

Brooke grew uneasy, and began to fiddle with a brown curl hanging down from her head. "I've uhm...." Brooke took a deep breath.

"I've never had a boyfriend before." She said it straight out. Zayn started at her in disbelief.

"Are there any boys in Alabama?" Zayn laughs.


"Well they're mad. Not even when you were in Bradford you didn't have one?"

"No." A lump arose in Brooke's throat.

"Can I tell you something, Zayn?"

"Of course. What is it?" Zayn took a sip of his coffee.

"Promise you'll never tell anybody?"

"Promise." Zayn replied with a small smile.

"I haven't even had my first kiss yet. The only one I've ever had was the one from you, when you were drunk years ago."

Hot tears streamed down her face. Zayn moved his chair and sat next to her. "Do you want your first real kiss?" he asked softly.

"Don't tease me Zayn!" Brooke whined, wiping away the tears from her freckle-spotted face.

"I'm not joking babe. It would be amazing for me to be your first 'real' kiss."


"Shh." Zayn whispered, as he leaned in and pressed his large lips to her soft ones.

Brooke smiled agaist his lips.

Brooke Woods was kissing Zayn Malik, her Grade 9 crush.

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