That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


4. Sorry and Regret

Zayn was mad, what wasn't Brooke telling him? "Babe, what did I do?" Zayn asks, afraid of her answer.

Brooke didn't answer, instead she stared at her hands placed on the table. Zayn grabbed her wrists tightly. "What did I do?!" Brooke cowered down in fear at his touch. "That." Brooke mutters.

Zayn let go of her wrists, and slid into the booth, next to her. He snaked his arm around her waist, protecting Brooke.

"Y-you, you.." Brooke explained the moment to him. Zayn's eyes were filled with sorry and regret.

"I, I did that?" Zayn says, wiping away Brooke's tears. She slowly nods. "But when you finished... you wiped my tears, then apoligized. It was odd."

"I'm so sorry Brooke. I had to have been drunk. I knew I had hurt you mentally, but..... I had no idea I had hurt you like that. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid that Alex would find out, and tell me I was lying, or spread the rumor, or tease me, and hurt me, and you too, or, or,.." Brooke began to cry.

Zayn kissed the top of her head. "I never expect you to forgive me." Zayn says into her hair. He sees the flashes of cameras, but didn't care. Brooke looked up to him. "You'll....... You're never going to do that again.. are you?" She asked, shrinking in fear.

"Never. I'm sorry. Why don't I take you home?" Brooke nods in relief. Zayn pays the tab and walks out with her, hand in hand. "I feel terrible. I'm so sorry."

"Shut up Zayn. It's ok." Zayn shakes his head. The two get into Zayn's car, and eventually Brooke falls asleep. He chuckles lightly to himself as he pulls up to her home. He doesn't want to awaken Brooke, so he picks her up and opens up her door.

After he had laid her down in her room, he turns around to find a girl in her mid-twenties standing in the doorway. "Jesus, you scared me. Are you a roomate of Brooke's?" Zayn asks.

The girl ignored his question and said, "Hello Zayn. I love your band. Brooke knew you before the X-Factor. Am I wrong?"

"Correct, I knew her back when she was in ninth, and I was in tenth."

"Well let me tell you something, pretty boy." Kelly grimaced. "This poor girl has gone through a load of shit because of you. You may have never hurt her yourself, but you sure as hell could've stopped her from having it. So I'm going to let you be friends. More than that, that is if she trusts and loves you. But if you break her heart, I'll be all up on your ass. Got it, pretty boy?"

"Yes. I feel awful for that shit in highschool, and I promise you, I swear I'll never hurt her again. Tell her I said goodnight when she wakes up." Zayn says coolly, walking past Kelly to his car.


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