That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


2. Over Again

-Over Two Years Later-

Brooke grabbed her guitar case and wrapped her scarf aroun her neck, stepping outside into the cold air. She walked along in her favourite ripped up converse she'd had since Grade 11. She was finished with highschool now, skipping senior year. Brooke was incredibly smart, despite the fact of having no friends or family for encouragement, only her 22 year-old roomate Kelly, and a pet turtle.

She passed by a flower cart, and frowned as she looked at a single white rose, having a memory flood into her mind.

Brooke put a white rose corsage on her wrist, as she stepped out of the bus, only to find Zayn and his crew, laughing at her outside the building where the dance was held. "Look boys, she showed up!" Alex says. "What do y'all mean?" Brooke asked, her southern accent showing. "You actually thought Zayn was going to the dance with you?" Trent asked. Brooke looked over at Zayn trying to meet his glance. But he was staring at the ground, his arm around some blonde girl's waist. "No way! Zayn here is my boyfriend." Tears blurred Brooke's vision. "Zayn." Brooke said, steadying her voice. He looked up, straight into her eyes. "You're too southern, fat, ugly, lonely and weird for Zayn to like you." The girl said, naming Brookes flaws. "Zayn loves ME. Bye now!" The tears flew down Brooke's face without permission; Zayn trying to hold back his tears. "Awh, look, the poor babe's crying! Boohoo! Go run away back home." Brooke ran away back to her apartment, out of breath from the sobs that had escaped her lips. Zayn never stood up for her. How could Brooke even think Zayn liked her as a friend?

How Brooke wish they could meet over again, so she'd never had agreed with him to go with Zayn to the dance.

These memories and flashbacks happened to Brooke often, all tracing back to Zayn. Whether it was a good memory, like a time before the dance when he walked her home, holding Brooke's hand with a kiss on the cheek, or one paticularly sad memory, when his crew was bullying her; wrabbing her wrist and holding them so she couldn't run away, while they spat rude things at Brooke. Zayn always just watched her. Never stood up. Just watched. Never tried to hurt her in any possible way, except for one night when he was drunk and had tricked Brooke.

But what Brooke didn't know, Zayn felt bad when his crew hurt her. But that will come up later.

Brooke walked down a few streets, until she found her favourite, small, park in Bradford. She opens her guitar on the ground, and takes it out, leaving the empty guitar case open on the ground while she strums lightly on her guitar, begginining her favourite song that described her perfectly, Sellout by NeverShoutNever.

"Who the hell have I been kidding?
I sold my soul to the corporation.
They know me better than I know myself..
I better shut it up,
I better shut it up.

You gotta problem with the way I think,
I gotta problem with the way you think
That you can program me
Like a damned machine
I wanna take a stand,
And say fuck this scene."

Brooke had no clue as she was so wrapped up in her song singing, but the one and only Zayn Malik stood near her in the group of other people, listening to her voice. Zayn thought she was very pretty, and couldn't help but notice she had a hint of a southern American accent. She looked familar to him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He thought maybe she was just a memorable fan at one of his concerts or signing for his big boyband, One Direction.

As Brooke finished the song, people threw money in her guitar case, telling her her voice was nice. She thanked them, and noticed one boy staying back. As he took off his sunglasses, she nearly gasped. Brooke frowned and packed up her guitar and her things so she could go to work.

Brooke couldn't believe it. Zayn Malik stood right in front of her, and she wasn't crying, or yelling, or anything. Infact, she felt so weird about how nonchalant she was about it.

Zayn stared at her, trying to remember. If she was a fan, she would've screamed when she looked up. He noticed she nearly gasped and finnally she groaned, "May I help you?" sassily. "Do I know you?" Zayn thought out load.

She rolls her eyes unhappily. "Yes, you do. I can't believe you don't remember making me cry all those times in Grade 10." Brooke tried to walk past Zayn, but he stopped her, remembering.

"Brooke? Brooke Woods?" Zayn asked in disbelief. "Yeah you bloke, did you come back to bruise my wrists and call me a bitch more?"

"No, I came to visit family. Look Brooke, I'm really-"

"Save it Zayn. Sorry won't cut it. You hurt me. Did you know I haven't trusted anybody since then? I can't belive you did that to me. Not to mention that time you were drunk."

"I know, and- wait. That time I was drunk? Babe, what did I do to you? Did I hurt you?"

Brooke knew she shouldn't of said that and just said, "Forget it, and don't call me babe. Go snog with your little blonde girlfriend."

"I'm more into brunettes now." Zayn smirked as she looked at the tips of her dark brown curls.

"Whatever, same difference. Just leave me alone." Brooke huffed, and tried to walk away but was once again stopped by Zayn. "What is so important Zayn, that you will let me be late to work?!"

"Brooke, let me take you out tonight. I want to explain everything."

"And let you stand me up again? What, are your little friends gonna be there too? To laugh at me while I cry!" Brooke was now shouting, getting some odd glances from the older people walking around the park.

"No, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Please, just one date to explain, and then I'll never make you even speak of me again. Okay? Please love."

"Fine! But it better shut you up!" Brooke barked, her Alabamian accent ringing through Zayn's ears, causing him to smile. "Here, let me give you my number." Brooke says, snatching his phone from him, then giving him her own phone. She typed in her number into Zayn's contacts, saving her name as Brooke Woods.

Zayn wanted to make her smile, and put his contact in her cell as Zayn Loves You. She smiled as she read the contact, and before she left, Zayn kiss her on her freckle spotted face, without her even griamcing.

Brooke even blushed! Zayn felt happy that she did so, and walked to a nearby Starbucks in the best mood he'd been in since he found out he could spend time with his family. Brooke walked to work, glad they meet Over Again.


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